Welcome RxBar to the Whole30® Family

You may have noticed RxBar making waves in the paleosphere recently. (They’re kind of a big deal.) But there’s more to this egg-white-fruit-and-nut-bar-in-a-resealable-package than meets the eye. The team at RxBar aren’t just the popular kids in the cafeteria—they’re a small company committed to superior nutrition and high-quality ingredients. And with a company philosophy like, “No B.S.”, you can bet they caught our attention!

So we went to work researching this bar (and the guys behind it) to make sure they were a good fit for us, and for you during your Whole30.  We even made the ultimate sacrifice of trying each and every flavor of RxBar ourselves. Several times. Okay, many, many times. The good news is that RxBars are not only Whole30 compliant, they’re delicious. (Not “I’ll settle for this because I’m on an airplane and have no alternative.” More like, “I’ve been on this flight for six minutes now. I think it’s time to pull out my RxBar. Yay!”)

We sat down with RxBar creator Peter Rahal to bring you the inside scoop–but first, a word from our sponsors.

Real Food First

Here at Whole9, we place a really big emphasis on eating real food.  (You know, it’s kind of our thing.)  But we recognize that sometimes–especially during a Whole30–you may find yourself caught between a proverbial rock and a Hardee’s.  We all have those moments:  you’re at the construction site without your lunch cooler; the boss calls an impromptu budget meeting after work; there’s a delay at the train station and you’re about to get hangry; you’re in the middle of a 10-mile hike. In all of these situations, you can’t exactly grill a steak and steam some broccoli. And that’s okay, because (thanks to our advice) you’ve planned ahead.

Part of planning for the Whole30 includes having some “emergency food” available at all times, for just these situations. There will be times when you need something nutritious, but at the same time convenient.  That’s where we think bars like Chapul and RxBar fit in. But remember, they’re not to replace real food on your everyday plate. Emergency food only, got it?

Now, let’s get back to the goods…


Tell us a little more about RxBar

Peter: We are a small company based out of Chicago. We started the business in April 2013.  We always loved the convenience and nutrition of food bars, but we could never find bars that were up to our standards.  We created RxBar because we wanted an all natural protein bar with no B.S. ingredients. We will never mislead in our marketing statements, or cut corners in our ingredients. We knew there was a market of educated consumers like ourselves who would appreciate this product.

Quality ingredients are everything to us, it is a central value to us as company.  Our mission statement reads, “We believe that quality ingredients should never be sacrificed because of cost.  We believe that foods should be consumed as nature intended.  This is why we do what we do and as a company all of our products directly reflect these values.” It is obvious that all excellent products start with excellent ingredients.  We don’t cut corners because what you put in is what you get out. We are equally committed to sustainability and ethically sourcing raw material.  There is a direct relationship between properly grown raw material and the quality; they are one in the same.

What else sets RxBar apart from the competition?

Peter: As saturated as the food bar market is, it is also full of misleading rubbish.  Too much of the competition uses less healthy ingredients to stretch their profitability or mislead consumers: rice to add air, pea or soy to increase protein content, or a syrup to act as a cheap binding agent.  Our bars contain none of that, only simple clean whole ingredients.  We always are seeking clean whole foods that are nutrient dense, foods that have sustenance.  We demand foods that are valuable nutritionally, but also possess great taste.   Nutritious food should never come at the expense of taste , or vice versa.   We use ingredients as nature intended them to be used.


Let’s talk about your ingredients, then.

Peter: First, unlike most of the “paleo” fruit and nut bars, RxBar contains a legitimate amount of protein. And unlike those other “protein” bars using whey, soy, or other less healthy ingredients, our protein comes from a healthy, paleo source. Each bar contains 15 grams of protein from dried egg whites, making RxBar a complete mini-meal. (Each bar also contains around 30 grams of carbohydrate from fruit, and between 7 and 14 grams of fat from coconut meat and oil.)

Each RxBar contains no more than seven simple ingredients. You can read about them on our website. Every ingredient is Whole30 compliant—and we use no added sugars.

What’s the most popular flavor of RxBar?

Pete: It’s a tie between Blueberry and Coconut Cacao… but we suspect that our newest release, Apple Cinnamon, might take over the top spot. Of course, the Coffee Cacao has its legion of followers too.

RxBar, perfect for your Whole30® program

Whether you’re looking for some grab-and go-emergency food or need some nutrient-dense fuel for your athletic event, RxBar has you covered.

Get 10% off your order of $20 or more with the discount code “whole30″. Visit http://rxbar.com and discover for yourself how delicious (and healthy) on-the-go food can be.

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  1. Holly says

    Annette–there is, but it’s on the very last page after you enter your payment information. (Via card or PayPal.) it’s on the final, final screen–later than I felt comfortable with, but it was there!

  2. Lesli M says

    I posted this on FB; but I’m hoping Dallas or Melissa will comment.

    I was so excited to see this, and then I saw that their marketing doesn’t match the ingredients lists. The Apple Cinnamon bar has 8 ingredients. Should a company that lies really be Whole 30 Approved? You can say “oh, it’s just apple powder and apple pieces and apple oil — that’s all APPLES” but it’s the intent. They are lying in their marketing, what else are they lying about?

  3. says

    Lesli -

    I’ll pass your question on to Dallas and Melissa in case they have something to add to my comment, but my opinion is this:

    The disparity between 7 and 8 is hardly cause to claim dishonesty. I know I’ve mistakenly added or subtracted a number here and there, even miscounted, without intention to do so. We take pride in having a personal relationship with all of our Whole30 Approved vendors and we are confident in the quality of ingredients they’re using and their marketing practices. Their approval was not based on the arbitrary number of their ingredients, but rather on the ingredients themselves. If this gives you pause, then by all means make your purchasing decisions accordingly. We encourage our community members to make their own decisions on their purchases. However, we feel that the quality and marketing practices of RX Bar are up to our high Whole30 Approved standard.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. says


    Really? This is the conclusion you jump to?

    I think it’s kind of a silly stretch to suggest they’re lying in their marketing based on one tiny discrepancy on their website. The Apple Cinnamon flavor is brand-spanking new – just released. I suspect they simply haven’t updated their website yet to reflect that this brand-new flavor has eight, not seven, ingredients.


  5. Lesli M says


    I beg to differ about “adding problems.” Rx Bar MARKETS their product saying they use “no more than 7 ingredients.” Honestly, if they can’t count to eight, I’m worried. If Apple powder and apple piece are the same, then why not “ground dried apple.” I have been scouring the FDA guidelines and no where have I seen that it’s acceptable to call powdered food items and whole food items the SAME ingredient. It’s deceptive. Intentional or otherwise, it’s deceptive and makes me suspicious. In fact, I now question the “egg white protein powder.” What powder do they use? What is it’s ingredient list?

    1) Dates,
    2) Egg White Protein Powder,
    3) Almonds,
    4) Figs,
    5) Apple Pieces,
    6) Apple Powder,
    7) Cinnamon,
    8) Apple Oil


    Ok, if the product is new, change the marketing. They have a no “bull shit” philosopy (and Pete states: We will never mislead in our marketing statements), they should be prepared to stand by it. They should also have prepared their web presence for the new product.

    Don’t call my questioning a product “silly.” Would you call it silly for me to question Kellogg’s about Apple Jack’s? Oh look, “APPLE” Jacks. Ha. That’s just a tiny word. Until you realize Apple Jacks doesn’t contain apple…at. all. I’m a concerned, advocating consumer and you just poo poo’d my concern. Thanks. Clearly, even Whole 30 Approved is “caveat emptor.” God forbid someone actually be concerned or advocate.

  6. Gretchen says

    I would just like to say that the whole resealable thing? Pure. Freaking. Genius. Def will order some of these on our next “stock the kitchen” binge.

  7. says

    I’d love to try the Blueberry Rxbar, heard they are sooo yummy :)

    @Lesli – I agree with other comments, I think you might be taking it slightly out of proportion here. Apple pieces and Apple powder could be considered the same if you want to get into semantics. I completely understand where you are coming from, but I don’t think it’s a big deal personally.

  8. rif says

    Again, I’m disappointed. Just like Chapul, these foods are VERY sugary. A blueberry bar has 25 grams of sugar! What does it say right on the whole30 page?

    - “No Paleo-ifying dessert or junk food choices.” How is this anything else?
    - “…we’re okay with a small amount of fruit juice as an added ingredient during your Whole30.” This product is essentially just dried fruit.

    I just don’t get it. Endorsing this product is deeply confusing and surprising to me, and makes me trust the whole30 “brand” less.

    • says

      Sugar from whole, real, nutrient-dense food (like fruit) isn’t the same as added sugar. We’re not afraid of sugar from real food, although we’d not encourage you to eat RxBars three meals a day. If you feel they’re too sugary for you, then don’t eat them — but we see nothing wrong with promoting portable, nutrient-dense food as a good on-the-go option.


  9. Tianna says

    Anne, I’m pretty sure liquid meals are discouraged unless you’re super athletic and trying to bulk up. I’m also pretty sure egg white protein is the only type of protein powder that would be whole30 compliant.

  10. says

    Anne –

    We very much discourage the use of liquid foods (even for super athletes looking to bulk). In addition, most protein powders used for shakes contain off-plan ingredients to make them taste good when mixed with water.

  11. Tianna says

    I thought if you couldn’t possibly meet your calorie requirements through whole food alone, it was then permissible to consume liquid food, assuming it was made with compliant ingredients. Aka bulking athletes, seniors or people with dysphagia.

  12. Shannon says

    A friend and I ordered all the flavors except blueberry and I just tried my first one (Coconut Cacao) and can I just say WOW! It was really good, I think the texture and perfect and there is just enough sweetness to make it work. I commend companies for trying to make something healthy and tastes good! Thank you Melissa and Dallas for blogging about these.

    And I couldn’t care if there were 7 or 8 ingredients after I started eating it! :-)

  13. Lesli M says

    I came back to see what others have said; and I have been watching the RxBar website.

    I fully believe my concern is/was valid. My original concern was about apple powder — it can be derived from juice which is then bulked up with fillers like maltodextrin (which is derived from malt which is derived from barley or wheat). If I were HIGHLY sensitive to wheat, I would need to know that the apple powder is 100% NOT bulked with a wheat derivative. Marketing a product as “having no more than 7″ but really having 8 ingredients is a red flag to me that maybe something is off about the ingredients.

    Moving on from that, I see that the company has changed their marketing slightly. Now they say the bars are made with no more than 8 ingredients. I’m glad to see that change. It makes me feel like they really do want to be honest with their customers. I also noticed that the Apple Cinnamon bar no longer lists apple powder as in ingredient.

  14. Lesli M says

    Hrm, correction, apple pieces are no longer an ingredient. I’m still concerned about the apple powder and maltodextrin.

  15. Gary C says

    7, 8, 9 or 10 ingredients, these bars are great. Especially for those on the go moments where my lack of planning rears it’s head. Especially love that there isn’t a bunch of junk in them and they have a good protein content.

  16. Pam H. says

    I bought the book and am still learning. I haven’t purchased RxBars but after seeing the various flavors I would love anything Cacao! Plus, it’s fun to say!

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