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Make Food For Humans Part of Your Whole30®

All photos courtesy of the talented team at Nom Nom Paleo

Happy New Year, and happy January Whole30! We hope you’re enjoying our new website, the four “get started” tracks we’ve laid out for you on the home page, and all of the resources we have provided to make your Whole30 even more successful.

Today, we want to share with you one of our new favorite Whole30 resources—the amazing Food For Humans cookbook from our friend Michelle Tam (also known as Nom Nom Paleo). So here are four reasons why you (and your Whole30) need Food For Humans. 


Reason #1: It’s Whole30-friendly

Food For Humans includes more than 100 everyday recipes, most of which are perfect for your Whole30 program. This, as you know, is a really big deal.

The Whole30 is all about eating real food—everyday food. We ask you to avoid baked goods, desserts, and treats for 30 days so you can break your sugar cravings and get to a place where food is no longer controlling you. So Paleo cookbooks with more dessert recipes than vegetable recipes just aren’t going to cut it (at least, not during your Whole30).

Food For Humans contains over 100 recipes—just 8 of which are desserts. A few of the sauces and dressings call for honey or some other form of added sugar, but she does her best to give you a Whole30-compliant substitute, like using a pitted date instead of honey in her sriracha. Which means the entire cookbook, right up to Page 249, is almost completely Whole30-friendly.


Reason #2: It’s kid-friendly

Many of you are doing the Whole30 with your family—and by “doing” we mean “dragging them kicking and screaming.” Kids aren’t always psyched to give up their sweets and treats in favor of Brussels and broccoli… but no one knows that better than Michelle Tam.

She shares the story of transitioning her kids to Paleo in the book, and explains how they balance healthy eating with giving them some food freedom. And many of the recipes in Food For Humans are kid-friendly, like frittata muffins, plantain fritters, chicken nuggets, and Big-O bacon burgers… any of which will probably reduce the kicking and screaming. (It’s hard to flail about and whine with plantain fritter in your mouth.)


Reason #3: It’s family-friendly

The benefits of the Whole30 extend far beyond just the clear skin, the weight loss, and the reduction of symptoms. In this Whole30 article, participants report they learned how to cook, grew closer to their spouses, created new family traditions. The program requires meal planning, preparation, cooking—all things that you can do with those you love, all things that can bring you closer together. And there is no better kitchen missal than Food For Humans.

The pages are engaging for kids of all ages. The sassy tone and humorous stories are entertaining for us grown-ups. The photos will keep everyone on track with their own kitchen tasks, and the cartoons add helpful tips in a colorful way. The entire family can get involved in cooking from Food For Humans, and your Whole30 can change not only your life, but the lives of everyone in your family.


Reason #4: It’s foodie-friendly

You’re doing the Whole30, but the idea of subsisting on grilled chicken and broccoli… just, no. You’re a foodie. You eat face and tail. You smear your granny smith apple slices In goose liver pate, not almond butter. You know exactly what to serve with the pork belly you picked up at your local winter market. So you can’t imagine an “intro to Paleo” cookbook has anything for you. But you’d be wrong.

Michelle Tam is a herself self-described “foodie” (at least until she can come up with a better word), and the recipes in Food For Humans will impress even the foodiest of you. Crispy gizzard confit. Plátanos maduros. Whole roasted branzini. Roast pork belly. While these recipes are simple enough for even those new to Paleo cooking, they’re  exotic and scrumptious  enough to satisfy even a food-lover like you.


Nom Nom on Some Food For Humans

We’ve been cooking from Food For Humans since we received our advance copy, and we’ve been wholly thrilled with everything we’ve tried. (Especially Atticus. He loves her Korean short ribs more than he loves chewing on my laptop cord. Which is so, so much.) We’re sure your family will love Food For Humans too—and that it will make your January Whole30 happier, healthier, and more delicious.

We’re giving a copy of Food For Humans to one lucky Whole30’er. Share one benefit you hope you’ll see from your Whole30 program, and we’ll choose one winner to receive a gorgeous hardcover copy of Michelle Tam’s Food For Humans cookbook.

Submit your comment by Wednesday, January 8th, and we’ll announce a winner on Friday morning right here on the Whole30 blog.

Order your copy of Food For Humans today. Happy nom-nom-nom-ing!

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  1. Kat says

    I got the best results from my September w30 I could ever imagine… my parents and Inlaws were intrigued about how much better I felt. I bought them iswf for Christmas and they gobbled it up, I was fielding questions left and right, and taking them to the grocery store to show them “which things were real food”. My parents, Inlaws and husband are joining me on this January w30, and I hope, more than anything, they come out of this with knowledge and skills to age healthily and happily and they can reverse a few major issues that are just beginning to surface.

  2. Lisa says

    I am starting the Whole30 with my family today. I am a breast cancer survivor and have gotten so sedentary since treatment four years ago. I feel much older than my 47 years. My hubby is turning fifty next month and has had stomach issues most of our almost 30 years of marriage. My sixteen year old daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS, and is possibly facing infertility because of it. From reading It Starts With Food, I’m hopeful that this lifestyle change will alleviate all of our issues and let us live a more active, healthy life together. We want to enjoy our new grandbaby and be able to play with her, chase her around and sit on the floor playing with her without feeling like we’re too old to do so. Thank you for so generously sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge with others so that we can eat right, understand why it’s so important to fuel our bodies with the right foods, and live heathier, happier lives!

  3. Ashley L. says

    I’m hoping to beat my sugar addiction during my Whole30 and to lose a few pounds before my trip to Brazil!

  4. Christina says

    I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 19 and underwent a rigorous treatment plan. I am 32 today and have been cancer free for 12 years. During the last 12 years, my doctors have stressed healthy eating and keeping my weight consistent and healthy, which I’ve been able to maintain. However, I have found myself with ailments from running, adult acne, extreme tiredness, and an addiction to sweets! From all that I have read about whole 30, I’m looking forward and hoping for a difference in my body, energy level, and mood!

  5. moet says

    Clearer skin, more energy & better gut health. This is my 2nd one. I did good on my 1st but I may go longer than 30 days this time although I’ll be taking a one day break on Jan 31…that’s my birthday!

  6. Emily says

    My boyfriend and I are newbies to the whole30 and althought we ate fairly well before, we are hoping to gain a new appreciation for the foods we eat and a better understanding of the ways in which food impacts the way we feel. We consider this a 30 day experiment that we hope will lead to a changed lifestyle!

  7. Megan says

    My goal is to discover the hidden sugar in my “old” foods and break away from the need for those foods. Would love this cook book for our family!

  8. Theresa Cauthen says

    I hope to get back on track from where I was before our holiday with the family. We did good for the first 5 or 6 days, but then we got weak and went for convenience over the last 5 or 6. We need to get back into the swing of things!

  9. Erika Austin says

    I am hoping to identify what foods have been affecting my digestion. I have experienced severe, chronic constipation my entire life, and no amount of clean eating has managed to address the problem. I have finally admitted that I must have some food sensitivity I’m not aware of, and am doing the Whole30 to figure out once and for all what my body wants (and doesn’t want).

  10. Angie Fetters says

    Whole 30 is helping me successfully embrace a Paleo lifestyle. I have over 100lbs to lose, but I also have a medical issue to deal with involving a large fibroid in my uterus. I have researched the reasons why to choose this lifestyle but Whole 30 made it easier to practically apply it to my life. 2014 is my year to stop dieting & start living an all around healthier lifestyle. :)

  11. Rebecca says

    My hubs is joining me this w30!! I am so psyched I am hoping to gain a higher appreciation for “real food”! But most of all I am hoping my husband will gain more energy and just feel better over all. I have completed 1 w30 and was immediately in love (after the first week that is ;). I shared my findings with my whole family and this month my sister, mom, dad, husband, and some friends are all joining in!!

  12. Manirose says

    I want this Whole 30 to benefit me by reminding me that I can heal. A lifetime of poor food choices and I am poised to get all the hormones in line and my life on track!

  13. Jamie says

    I am on 6 of my FOURTH Whole30. I love doing a Whole30 after the holidays as it starts me on the right path for the New Year. Since starting Whole30 in August of 2012 I have gotten over 30 people to try it out and all have succeeded and happy with their personal results. I love spreading the good food word and will continue to do so. This time I am eliminating some foods for the Autoimmune Protocol (i.e. eggs, nightshade vegetables) as I was diagnosed on my 3rd Whole30 with the on-site stages of RA. I am hoping that this time I will see a decrease in my inflammation and having my joints feel better so I can get back to CrossFit actively. The #1 thing I have taken away from every Whole30 that I’ve done is how changing the food on your plate really does change your life. There isn’t enough time to tell you how much this has changed my life and how with time and preparation you can be successful – I mean at the end of the day, its only 30 days (or maybe more depending on your situation). I love how I feel at the end of 30 days after I am eating clean again and I stick pretty close to it after (minus a glass of wine or piece of bread here and there). Thank you for all that you have done and look forward to the years ahead of us! xo

  14. Sara says

    I started my second whole30 today! Since letting old, bad food habits back into my life, I have noticed that I have a constant headache and feel very sluggish. I am looking forward to feeling as great as I did after my first whole30!

  15. Randi says

    After taking in my 3 month old nephew as a foster child at age 19, then fully adopting him at 21, my life became a giant whirlwind trying to learn how to take care of a baby while going to college full time. My diet was never good but it became much worse. I didn’t have any energy and had that nasty brain fog all the time. I’m only 6 days into my whole 30 but I already feel my head clearing so much that I can focus on playing games with my son (now almost 5) and taking him to the park. I’m still not to where I want to be, but I’m hoping by the end of this 30 days I’ll be free from the sugar monster (that makes ME grumpy when not fed) and have more energy to enjoy my son….cause dang, they sure do grow up fast!

  16. kthevh says

    While I hope to see many benefits from the Whole30, the one I most hope to see is to finally establish a healthy relationship with food: to be able to enjoy food without analyzing every calorie or point that goes in my mouth; to look at my plate and realize how my meal serves to nourish my body, mind and spirit; and to understand that food should fuel me in a positive way, and not contribute to guilt or shame.

  17. Esther Kim says

    I’m hoping to have a healthy pregnancy (or what’s left of it) and more than anything hoping that my son’s eczema will improve through Whole30!!

  18. Halle McCoy says

    I am on Day 2 of my first Whole30. I’m not going to lie, I’m not feeling so hot today. I had such horrible eating habits such as drinking diet cokes daily, processed foods daily, tons of sweets. I have been gaining weight and feeling like junk for years. I’m in my mid thirties, and know that I shouldn’t feel this run down so young. I heard about this program, bought the book and read it in 3 days. I am excited to make it to the end and kick all of these nasty eating habits to the curb. Now if I can just make it through these first few days….:)

  19. Katie Flint says

    This is my second Whole30 and miraculously I got my husband on board once again (he hates giving up his weekend beer–especially in the midst of NFL playoffs and we’re Broncos fans!). So one benefit I love is that we cook together a lot more – spent 5 hours in the kitchen yesterday prepping all our food for the week – LOVE that time together. More selfishly, I can’t wait for my skin to clear back up! Ever since I got off birth control, my skin has been horrible but with my first Whole30 it actually cleared up. Looking forward to experiencing that again :-)

  20. Ashley says

    My husband and I are starting our first w30 today! Looking forward to great results. This cookbook would be great, I love her blog.

  21. Valerie says

    I am on day 7 of the whole30. I am hoping to gain freedom from food. All my life it has had a hold on me. I ready to not use it as a pain reliever anymore and to sharey new healthy happy lifestyle with others!

  22. Nicole says

    I am hoping to have a better relationship with food. I am sick of it running my life and determining my moods. By gaining knowledge and being empowered by what I learned about myself through the whole30, I am hoping to pass healthy eating habits and relationships with food to my two year old!

  23. Lori M says

    I ordered three copies (for myself and both children), but if I win your giveaway I have so many people I could gift this to! My husband and I did a Whole30 in June, that really didn’t end until Thanksgiving Day…at which time we went right back to real food again until Christmas holidays, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Now we are back on our habitual clean eating routine, and have already recovered from our indulgences. ISWF made a tremendous difference in our health and energy. I lost 70 pounds in 2013, and my husband lost 40 pounds. We used the combination of Whole30 and P90X. Today was our “day 1″ of P90X3! So excited to see what 2014 has in store for us.

  24. Laurie Mc. says

    We started our 2nd Whole30 today, Jan. 6. Kids went back to school today, so today made more of a logical starting point for us than Jan. 1. We did our first Whole30 last January and it was so amazing. We felt so good, shed some lbs., had so much energy, etc. I never expected all of my bad habits to come back, but slowly but surely I stopped paying attention and I found myself eating so badly by the end of the year. So, here we are, back again to what I know is the best way for us to be eating. I plan to go more than 30 days to really kill my habits this year and continue the lifestyle forever. My 10 year old is doing this along with my husband and I. My 13 year old is mostly doing it with us. … she is 13. What can I say. I have been looking for tools to use with my kids to really teach them, but it has been hard to find. I believe in teaching them the “why behind the what”. However, I am not going to talk with my 10 year old about SWYPO. Haha… It looks like this book might be helpful in the education piece with my kids. I am excited about that. I will have to definitely get a copy.

  25. says

    I’m using this Whole30 to get back on the Paleo track after being derailed a bit by the holidays. I’m hoping for better meal-planning habits by day 30 (in addition to the clearer skin, happier gut, and flatter tummy I know I’ll see).

  26. Virginia says

    I am on Day 5 of my first Whole30. I have multiple food allergies so I was already most of the way there! But I eat a lot of sugar. And I still have some, let’s call it gastrointestinal distress, as clean and restricted as everyone thinks I eat. So I am using this month as a sugar detox and a partial elimination diet.

    I got this book for Christmas and have started using it. (Green chicken is marinating right now!) I would love to get another copy so I can give mine to someone who needs it but thinks it can’t be done. :)

  27. Ashley says

    I’m hoping to sleep better and gain more energy! I love the nom nom paleo site. I just made her easy roast chicken with caramelized shallots last night. It was delicious.

  28. Marguerite says

    I’ll be starting my second whole 30 in about another two weeks. I learned from the first one that I was sensitive to milk protein, so I have modified my eating accordingly. I expect the second one to put me back on track after my holiday off roading and I am being joined by a friend who was amazed at the changes that took place with me. In particular, she was impressed with the increased energy I feel and the weight that came off so easily, once I beat my sugar dragon. It also improves my moods and mental processes.

  29. says

    I’ve done a Whole30 before, twice. And I have learned that I should live like this all the time – and I try to. Now on Whole 30 #3, I already see the benefits – but the biggest benefit that I consistently see when I stick to it? I’m a better mommy. I am calm, kiddie craziness cannot rattle me and I don’t feel the need to raise my voice. It’s almost like when my blood sugar is steady, then so am I. Amazing. I love the mommy I am when I am Whole30ing.

  30. Diana Cote says

    This will be my second whole30 but the last time I was too busy taking picts and trying to make things pretty and my food was always cold, This time I am looking forward to just enjoying the food and watching my self feel healthy and feeling energized and best of all not following the instagram trend (darn pancakes got me!). :D

  31. Kristin says

    I’m hoping for some relief to my ecsema and other food allergy related issues. Since I discovered the whole 30 in late Nov 2012 I have been transitioning my family of 6 into more healthy eating, and have brought my husband into our first Whole30 – we’re on day 6 and I already feel less mucous-y and have not had a migraine yet this year! I would love to read this book for tips to ease the kids into better eating.

  32. Jessica says

    In my first Whole 30 I beat my gluten addiction once and for all. I had been diagnosed with gluten allergy a few years back and cut it out, mostly. Boy that’s a slippery slope! So the Whole 30 got me to cut it out completely and I haven’t had any since. Now I, and people around me, take the allergy very seriously. I didn’t see many other changes though and I’d like to see some more energy and digestive health next time. Thanks!

  33. Lorena says

    I am hoping to lose at least 10 pounds…and gain more insight into why I can’t eat clean “all” the time. This is my 2nd W30; last time I learned that my addiction to dairy and to sugar is draining me–and I mean my addiction to dairy and to “clean” sugar (fruit, maple syrup, etc). Doesn’t even have to be truly junk food. So my 2nd W30 is really about that.

  34. Kathy says

    I am hoping to add more vegetables to my diet and start the year off healthy in the hopes of continuing what I learn on my first Whole30.

  35. Lisa says

    My first whole30 (more like a whole90), helped me kick a lifetime addiction to diet coke, something I never thought I’d give up, ever. I hope my second whole30 will help me get rid of the sugar cravings that come right after the holidays and stick around way too long.

  36. Rebecca says

    To beat the sugar dragon and fast food cravings. We’ve started twice before but haven’t been able to finish. We’re going to start again this week and make it 30 days.

  37. Emma says

    My husband is in remission, we have young children (our daughter is gluten intolerant, our son is dairy intolerant), and we are doing our first whole30 this month. Nom Nom Paleo would be an awesome addition to our cookbook arsenal in our quest to heal our bodies and regain our health. We want to be here (and healthy!) for our kids, and each other, for many more years to come. Thank you for the chance!

  38. Megan says

    I started this Whole30 to slay my sugar dragon and assist with losing the rest of my baby weight (I’m 5 week post-partum). I also wanted to give my little newborn the best nourishment with my breast milk and what better way to do that than to eat a yummy whole food diet!!

  39. Angie C says

    I’m doing an Autoimmune Whole 90 and I’m hoping for increased energy, reduction/elimination in joint paint and ultimately I hope this will the final push to reduce all signs of intestinal inflammation so that I can avoid surgery this summer.

  40. Stephanie Muehlbauer says

    One of the improvements I’m hoping for from the Whole30 program is a reduced occurrence of my Raynauds syndrome.

  41. says

    The hubs and I decided to start w30 to get back on track after the holiday madness. He likes to tell people that we’re slaying our sugar demons. HA! We’re on day 6.

  42. Linda says

    Most of the benefits I expect (energy, clearer skin, less aches in my joints, etc.) I am directly in control of by what I eat. The one benefit that is not in my control is getting my husband on board! He totally supports me doing the Whole30 and practicing this style of eating (real food) each day – and why wouldn’t he? He gets a leaner, happier wife! But I’m really hoping to be a factor to change how he eats. I don’t judge him at all, I just worry, after all he is my husband and the father to our child. He eats lots of refined carbs, which makes me worry about things like his triglycerides and cholesterol. He won’t give them up! I know he has to make an internal decision if he wants to change and I hope seeing me tackle this helps to get him motivated.

  43. KassyB says

    I’m currently on Day 8 of my whole30 that my husband and I are doing together. I’m a sugar-holic and so is he. We have a 1 yr old son whom we have been cooking for since introducing solids at 6 months. We are so strict about what he eats, only real food that has been cooked at home, he’s never had any grains, legumes, or sugar! His first birthday cake last month was a watermelon “cake” made with a small watermelon and coconut creme. He got us thinking about our diet and our dependence on sugar. If we put this much effort into what he eats, why shouldn’t we do this for ourselves, too? Also, I don’t want to tell him he can’t have sugar, and then have him watch me eat ice cream. Where’s the sense in that? So here we are on Day 8, we’re doing this for ourselves, for each other, and for our family!

    • Linda says

      I totally know what you mean. When my son started eating solids I was so strict about what he ate and made all his baby food myself. It really made me take a look at what I prepared for my husband and I each night because I knew that when my son started to move into bigger pieces of foods (away from purees), I would want him to basically what we ate, just chopped up or seasoned less to suite his baby taste-buds. That’s when I really started to clean up the foods I ate.

  44. Kristin J says

    I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but I know I would have suffered a lot less had my eating been cleaner and I’d been keeping my body strong. However, the last few months have not been that way, so thanks to my current Whole30, I’m looking forward to regaining my energy and feeling less gloomy. Gloomy doesn’t suit me. :)

  45. Tapetum says

    I did a Whole 30 back in October, and loved the results, albeit some of the food got pretty boring by the end. Now I need to do another one to get back on track after the holidays (though I surprised myself at how little I backslid), and having found Well Fed, and now Nom Nom Paleo, I’m thinking food boredom won’t be nearly so much of a problem!

  46. Melissa A. says

    I’m doing Whole 30 along with 2 coworkers, my brother, sister in law, and roommate. We started on Jan 1 so we’re solidly into Day 6 and we’re all feeling pretty great. My hope is that I’ll become less dependent on artificial sweeteners (I’m already starting to enjoy tea without any sweetener, WIN!), and to discover whether I have any issues with dairy and gluten/grains when I start reintroduction. Of course losing a few pounds would also push me right over the edge into happy-land!

  47. Ashley C says

    I am on Day 5 of my first ever Whole30. I am hoping more than anything to just get healthier. I have been a long time sufferer of seasonal allergies and have recently felt sluggish and slave to my food cravings and boredom eating. I am hoping to have a better relationship with my food and to challenge myself. I am learning even in this short amount of time that I just may be a pretty good cook! I would love the opportunity to have a guide and more recipes for my first journey into this!

  48. Laurie Schaeffer says

    Day 6 of my 2nd W30.
    I’m beating the dark chocolate habit:)
    Sugar makes me moody and effects my energy levels, sleep quality etc.. I feel so much better when it is completely removed. Even small amounts of honey or maple syrup. Also dairy makes me blue, and really effects my hormones. PCOS is cleared up. Happy days!!
    Since going paleo I have lost 25 pounds in five months with less exercise in years. Crazy. Best lifestyle ever!
    W30 this time really cut my appetite quickly. Making my self eat my three healthy balanced meals.
    It’s all good;)
    Best to everyone. Happy New Year!
    Laurie, Canada

  49. Alexandra says

    My two biggest goals during my first Whole30 are to gain control over binge eating and picking my skin. It’s day 5 of my Whole30 and I am having a break-through in self-awareness. For the first time in my life, I was able to stop eating when I felt full. No guilt. My skin picking usually starts absentmindedly, but today I’m catching myself right away and thinking, “I do now want to do this.” I’ve never been able to stop myself like that before.

  50. Anne H says

    Hi! I’m starting my first Whole30 today! I am 22 years old and in June I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. During my Whole30 I am hoping to develop better eating habits, more energy, maybe lose some weight, but overall just learn about how the food I WAS eating helped make me who I am today. I hope that with the Whole30 I can start 2014 with a brand new healthier happier me :)

  51. Brianne says

    This will be my second Whole30. The first ended in November 2013 and I actually did a Whole45. My skin issues improved but not completely so I’m going to try again and possibly add the AIP. I need to learn how to eat a different variety of vegetables. I don’t get enough greens in my diet. I would also like to lose the last 20 lbs or so that need to.

  52. Janelle says

    I already got HUGE benefits from doing multiple Whole30’s (check out my testimonial!) but this time around, I’m hoping o further regulate my hormones and get rid of my pesky facial hair.

  53. Maria Diaz says

    We started our Whole30 journey late summer of 2013. Since embarking on this lifestyle change, both my boyfriend and I have been blessed with countless benefits – better sleep, healthier looking skin, improved digestion, lowered cholesterol and triglycerides, weight loss, to name a few – and I have even learned how to cook!! Though we were hoping for these benefits (I was skeptical on the cooking and had a kitchen meltdown night 1 of my first Whole30), we didn’t count on the added benefits of a closer bond between us – we cook together, food shop, discuss recipes, give each other workout pep talks, cheer each other on during the triumphs and support each other through any setbacks we may find along the way. It has been such a healthy change both for our health and our relationship! We definitely both had it on our list of one of the best things to happen to us in 2013. We have both lowered our cholesterol and triglycerides, I no longer need my old cholesterol medicationand he has been taken off high blood pressure medication (doesn’t need them!), and combined we have lost about 80 pounds. Here is to continued health in 2014!

  54. Christina LB says

    I’d like to discover what is triggering the eczema. I don’t always have it quite so badly. And stop the sugar and chocolate cravings! If W30 does anything to reduce symptoms of Crohn’s that would be a lovely bonus. If only dietary habits could affect the weather…snow again?!
    AB, Canada

  55. Diane McKain says

    I need to get sugar out of my diet. Especially after the holidays, where I ate so much I found myself craving sweets. The hidden sugars are the hardest so whole 30 and Paleo recipes eliminate the concerns of hidden sugars

  56. Amy carter says

    Oh yes please! I need some new family friendly recipes we can all eat. I love whole30 but it’s hard cooking separate meals for the past 7months so I can stay on track!

  57. Kim says

    I’m really hoping that my energy levels stabilize this month. I go through phases of being so tired at 9pm but waking up at 1am unable to get back to sleep. Today’s my first day of being back at work during the challenge and so far, no PM caffeine crash! Yay!

  58. Jennifer says

    My husband and I are doing our 2nd Whole 30 (first time was this past September/October. Since the first go round, I’ve stuck true to Whole30 about 85-90% and have never felt better. My husband went a bit more off track the last 2 months, so he really wanted to clean his act back up. For me, this second round is a breeze, basically I’m just re-eliminating the little bit of sugar (only non-refined sources!) I’ve allowed myself to have occasionally, along with corn… I do like a good fajita on a corn tortilla! I’m not experiencing any negative symptoms at all this time because I kicked so many bad habits/bad foods the first time. I never went back to cereal grains after one trial of bread and I haven’t missed beans or dairy (other than the occasional serving of ice cream). That first Whole30 was seriously life changing for me! I’ve already seen so many benefits from Whole30 I don’t know what else to hope for, any other benefits would just be icing on the cake…oh wait, bad choice of words…perhaps, melted coconut butter and cinnamon on a roasted acorn squash (since that’s as yummy as any dessert out there)! ;)

  59. says

    This will be my second Whole30, I’m starting on January 13th. I did my first one October 2012. This time around I hope to be more in tune with how I feel, paying attention to what makes me feel more energetic or not. I hope to see, as I did the first time, my skin clear up so that I’ll be motivated to stick more closely to a Whole30/paleo way of eating permanently. Best of all I hope to be an example to others so that they’ll hop on the same train!

  60. Linda Qsar says

    I just completed my W90. I feel so great that I’m doing a W Forever. My Dr wanted me to add some healthy grains back in, so I tried but didn’t like the results. I’m hoping my W Forever will cure me of Hashimotos. Going gluten free didn’t lower my numbers so hopefully this will. I get re-tested in 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you Whole 9 and AIP.

    • says

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  61. Jessica R says

    The best part about my first whole 30 was finding foods I didn’t even realize my body didn’t like. The weight loss and flatter tummy was a wonderful bonus!

  62. Heather T. says

    This is my fourth whole30, and I’m hoping to gain the same benefits this time as I did with the others… more energy, clear skin, craving wholesome foods instead of sugar, and feeling great overall.

  63. Rachel says

    I’m on day 5 and while I really want a mug of full fat, full sugar hot chocolate, the benefit I’m GOING to get from whole30 is pretty simple; to always be aware of the food and ingredients I use to fuel my body that I’ve worked so hard for (-65lbs) so that I can pass a healthy lifestyle to my peers and my future children.

  64. Katherine says

    I’m hoping to start feeling better again after the holiday cheat marathon! This is my second Whole 30 and I know if I reset during this Whole 30 I can be newly inspired by Paleo cooking and get back on track again!

  65. Sarah Ponder says

    I’m hoping to have less pain in my shoulder, and overall, just a better way of life be it not being a slave to sugar dragon, not being as moody, and just having more energy. It’s about a better way of life for me (I’m hoping)! #Day8

  66. Carly Robinson says

    I am doing the Whole30 for the month of January (6 days down yay!). I really want to kick the sugar dragon and be free of sweet cravings

  67. Erin S says

    My goal is to figure out if I really feel better without wine and corn products. My two favorite loves – wine and mexican food! This is forcing me to cook more and really think about what I am putting in my body. Yesterday I made kobucha squash for the first time! Best thing – never knew about coconut amino acids, have been chinese food free for 15+ years due to a soy allergy!

  68. Laine says

    My goals are to become more aware of how the foods I eat affect my body (I suspect a gluten sensitivity…), improve my food sources (I’m looking into local farms with grass fed beef) and improve my energy (I feel tired all the time!)

  69. Kristi Tramp says

    I am doing my second Whole30 for a bit longer than 30 days to prepare for my wedding in February. My goal of this Whole30 is to keep myself calm leading up to the wedding–calm with my fiance, my family, and all the stresses that will be there in the last month of planning! I did my first Whole30 during my last semester of graduate school a year ago and I had no anxiety and handled the stress as if it wasn’t stress. My wedding will be so much more fun without anxiety! And I am of course excited for the clear skin, rested eyes and trim belly–all external signs of the calmness and lack of inflammation inside my body! Thank you so much for this program!

  70. Laura says

    This is my second Whole 30(although my first only lasted 21 days). I’ve noticed huge changes with my MS symptoms when I just went for it. I’m way more conscious about what goes into my belly. Since being in the hospital for a week in July and starting my Whole 30 around August….I have yet to see a hospital or drop of solumedrol again. Even my husband enjoys the weight loss (on both of us lol). This time around I hope to expand my dishes and tastes (I’m a picky eater).

  71. says

    Even just 6 days in to my first ever Whole30, I’m experimenting in the kitchen and giving my meals the time and attention they deserve. Dinner is an event, and it’s something I can share with my whole family, which is something to cherish.

  72. says

    I have been battling anxiety, binge eating disorder, and a multitude of other factors for as long as I can remember – learned last year with all of the Wheat Belly publicity that perhaps gluten may be my enemy. But try as I might (I had a daily blog about my battles with wheat going for a while), I could NOT kick the habit.

    So then I learned about the Whole 30 – my hope is that I can finally break my wheat addiction (or sugar addiction… or whatever else is going on there)

    Going to get the blog up and running again on my experiences soon!

  73. Dionne says

    I want to regularly demonstrate that I have the discipline to choose foods that help me be healthier. (I hope this commitment carries over into other areas of my life, too.). If this could positively affect my allergies, skin, blood sugar, and energy level, like others report, that would be marvelous!

  74. Virginia says

    I have celiac disease and multiple food allergies and so paleo eating is perfect for me. I have already been feeling the benefits of eating this way less fatigue, mood stability and no nausea in the AM. I want to build strength with the whole30 paleo lifestyle, completely eliminate headaches which are better at this point and lose about 12 lbs.

    Happy New Year!

  75. Dawn Boyd says

    Today is my first day on the Whole30. I was always into fitness and always was able to keep my weight in check…I am 57. In the last four years, I have gone through a divorce after 35 years of marriage, my daughter and her husband along with my only Grandchildren moved to TN….I lost my home, my job… I never felt so alone and through all of it I put on 25 pounds which added to my depression. A friend was doing this and I saw the results she got. It’s a NEW YEAR and I am tired of giving my peace, my health over to poor decisions…I want to be HEALTHY, ENERGETIC and ready to LIVE 2014!!!! I want to be in a better place in 30 days then I am today!!!! LET’S DO THIS! Can you help me?

  76. Rachel says

    this is my first Whole30 and more than anything else, I’m hoping it will help reduce some of my chronic back pain. Of course, I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds and generally feeling healthier, as well!

  77. Angi says

    One of the many benefits I hope to reap is resetting my sweet baseline. I cut out a large amount of sugar about a year ago, but have noticed that as the amount I was allowing into my diet has slowly been creeping back up to an uncomfortable level. Sneaky stuff, that sugar. :)

  78. says

    I have it and LOVE it. So many great recipes for anything and everything you need – sauces, nibbles, fancy food, simple meals. Her Slow Cooker Roast Chicken and Gravy, Korean Short Ribs, Prosciutto-Wrapped Mini Frittata Muffins and Roasted Kabocha Squash are all in the regular rotation.
    Plus, this book is gorgeous and a pleasure to read!

  79. Jennifer says

    I did my first Whole30 in April and my second in October. It is hard to list just one of my favorite benefits! A few at the top of my list: improved digestion, stable and increased energy, sleeping like a rock, and losing a few pounds. Good stuff!

  80. Lindsay says

    I would love this cookbook! I have not been sleeping well and am always tired. I started my Whole30 a week ago and my sleep has improved bigtime, but I am getting bored and need some good recipes!

  81. Lisa says

    Sinuses problems run in my family – I’m hoping this Whole30 will help reduce, or eliminate, my chronic sinus congestion!

  82. Elizabeth S. says

    I’m hoping to get a very clear perspective on how particular foods impact me. I’m really enjoying my Whole30, but I’m looking forward to reintroducing foods one at a time on a “clean slate” and having a better opportunity to assess how I feel after eating them. That way I can make better decisions about what to indulge in post-Whole30 and can legitimately tell people “I can’t really eat _______, it makes me crazy/sick/tired/weird.”

  83. Holly says

    I want to feel my best again. I’ve gone astray from Paleo that last year and have had enough of being tired, and getting sick all the time. This Whole 30 is my chance for a new year, a renewed me! Plus Paleo cooking has awakened the secret chef inside of me… cast iron skillets are ready for some new inspiring recipes

  84. CandaceL says

    I’m hoping to heal my gut and my autoimmune thyroid issue. I hope that it will be a stepping stone to being able to do the AutoImmune Protocol.

  85. Mary says

    I hope to decrease my anxiety, sleep better, increase my energy and generally feel better all over. But most of all I hope to prove to myself I can do this-that I have enough perserverance and self discipline to make myself do what I know I need to in order to be healthy.

  86. says

    One benefit? How to choose… I think the very greatest thing I’ve taken away from my whole30 experiences is pushing through those cravings and realizing I CAN LIVE without what I’m craving. It totally has forced me to evaluate my food choices even after completing the program and I have made so many lifestyle changes thanks to whole30 that now my third go around is so much simpler. I was skeptical that whole30 really would change my life when I did my first one, but it totally totally did.

  87. Allison says

    This is my second whole30. My husband was one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met, and now he has branched out and is enjoying many foods that he thought he didn’t like. We have both Well Fed and Well Fed 2, which have been absolutely fantastic, but we would love to add Food for Humans to our Whole30 collection!

    Whole30, for us, is about becoming healthier people. I believe everything about it and have even convinced my sister and a few friends to try it out because of the great results I had with my first Whole30. Whole30 has made my loved ones and me excited to be healthy and excited about what we’re eating!

  88. Dianne says

    I began practicing Paleo/Primal eating in early 2013 and never looked or felt better! However, the recent holiday season was a downfall for me. In completing a Whole30 (all the way to the end!), I hope to lose the recent holiday weight gain, restore my energy level, and feel better about myself by knowing that I am once again eating for wellness and beauty.

  89. Alice says

    I want to slay my sugar dragons, develop a more satisfying sleep pattern and experience abundant energy. I also want to get inspired in the kitchen!

  90. Lisa DeBrier says

    There are so many health benefits from Whole30. Every stinking year I end up with a new health issue. Lets see what should I choose? Achy joints? Crackly left knee? Asthma? Benign Essential Tremors? Overweight? Migraine?Tension Headaches? Depression? I can’t name just one…..that I’d like to see go away, but I would like to see a major improvement in each of these areas. Trust me, if they all improve substantially or go away completely, y’all will be the first to know! :) I am doing the Whole 30 for the 1st time in faith that I will see positive changes!

  91. Steffanie Lane says

    I hope to have more energy, lose joint pain, lose weight, become more healthy, and finally get control of the nasty sugar dragon I’ve been battling for my whole life.

  92. Sally says

    Oh, I’d love a copy of this. We are doing a whole30 and including our kids for the first time. They haven’t protested much, but we’d love to find a cookbook that is good for kids AND foodies.

  93. says

    And, our winner is… Randi!
    Randi says, ” After taking in my 3 month old nephew as a foster child at age 19, then fully adopting him at 21, my life became a giant whirlwind trying to learn how to take care of a baby while going to college full time. My diet was never good but it became much worse. I didn’t have any energy and had that nasty brain fog all the time. I’m only 6 days into my whole 30 but I already feel my head clearing so much that I can focus on playing games with my son (now almost 5) and taking him to the park. I’m still not to where I want to be, but I’m hoping by the end of this 30 days I’ll be free from the sugar monster (that makes ME grumpy when not fed) and have more energy to enjoy my son….cause dang, they sure do grow up fast!”

    Randi – shoot us an email ( and we’ll get you fixed up!

  94. Karen says

    Are all the recipes in Nom Nom Whole 30 approved? I recently bought Well Fed 2 which is supposed to be Whole 30 approved but one of the chicken meals called for vanilla extract which I read was a no no.

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  100. says

    Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans is my absolute favorite cookbook. Magic Wings, Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup, Kalua Pig and Lazy Devils are staples in our house. This cookbook has made me a better cook and introduced me to some great tips and tricks on saving time and money in the kitchen.

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