Get Ready, Get Set… August Whole30!

We’re less than 24 hours from the official launch of our site-wide August Official Whole30!  And, with new guidelines, a revised version of It Starts With Food, and much more coming your way, this may just be the most exciting Whole30 ever.

Before we kick everything off, we wanted to remind you of a few things:

New Whole30 Program Guidelines!

White potatoes (and red, purple, fingerling, baby, Yukon gold, sweeet, and any other variety your healthy heart desires) are now game-on during your Whole30! But that doesn’t mean potato chips or French fries are good choices this month… or any other month, for that matter. Be sure to read the article for details. We’ve also made an exception to the “no added sugar” rule to allow for the dextrose in iodized table salt.

A New Edition of It Starts With Food!

We’ve also revised our New York Times bestselling book It Starts With Food to reflect the Whole30 program rule changes, and clean up a few other thingsthough 95% of the book is basically the same. (Read this article for our full Author’s Note explaining the changes.) The book also gets a new clean, modern look, so it fits nicely in with the gorgeous rebranding we’ve done to our Whole9 website. You can order the new version on Amazon, or just make note of the Whole30 rule changes and use your original book for reference.

So. Much. Support.

Did you know we have all the Whole30 resources you need to complete the program successfully right on our homepage? There’s a button for new Whole30’ers, which takes you through the basics of the program and points you to all the most important helps we have. There’s a button for returning Whole30’ers, which reminds you of the basics and takes you to some extra resources we think are helpful for you. There’s even a place to go if you need some extra support this month, including our free forumsa great way to ask your questions and stay connected to others who are in this right alongside you.

Finally, today is the last day to register for our Whole30 Daily Emails starting August 1st!

The Whole30 Daily newsletter subscription is a day-by-day guide through your 30 days, packed with resources, troubleshooting, tips, and accountability. (There’s also a sweet reward for each successful day you complete—bonus!) In a recent survey of more than 1,000 subscribers, 94% said the daily emails helped them stay committed to their Whole30 program, and 99% said they’d recommend the emails to someone new to the program.

Make Life Easy With Whole30 Approved Partners.

Pre-Made Paleo, the only source of Whole30 Approved seasonal, organic, chef-prepared Whole30 meals, is offering our August Whole30ers a special discount. Visit their special Whole30 page, select your August Whole30 meal plan, and use the code WHOLE30AUG14 to save 10%!

You can also save 10% off your $20 order of RxBars, the egg white protein bar perfect for on-the-go, travel, or emergency food.  Just visit and use the code ‘whole30 at check-out. And be sure to check out our other Whole30 Approved partners, too, for your Whole30 travel food, salad dressings, condiments, nut butters, cooking fats, and much more.

Exciting New Resources All Month Long.

Finally, watch the Whole30 Blog this month for new posts from guest bloggers bringing you practical application tips, meal planning help, new recipes, and more! And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Whole30 and @Whole30Recipes) to let us know how your Whole30 is going!

See you August 1st… until then, please don’t binge on pizza and ice cream. Seriously. You’ll thank us for it on Day 3.

Are you ready for the August Whole30?  Tell us how you’re preparing for Day 1!

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  1. says

    I’m so ready! This will be my second Whole 30; my first one was in May and I loved it; very easy transition/tweaking from paleo. I bought a new contact grill/griddle so I’ve no “too hot to turn on the oven” excuse (100% valid in the 100°+ Texas summer). I’ve got steaks thawing in the fridge as we speak and my pastured eggs at the ready! :)

  2. Maria says

    I am very excited to try the Whole30. I did once before but only made it for 15 days. However, in those 15 days, I saw amazing results, and…since my birthday is August 31, I am planning to look and feel great!

  3. says

    I am ready. This is my 3rd Whole 30. Each time I feel as though I do a little bit better, and maintain pieces of it after the 30 days. I am pretty strict Paleo; however, have some of the ‘go to’ goodies that are not Whole 30, that I am excited to remove for the next 30 days and remind myself of how good I feel when I do!
    I am also excited to share my experience with my family and see if I can recruit anyone for another round of Whole 30. Plus this time is right when school starts which is perfect to get a good start for me and the kids!

  4. Diana says

    I am prepping for my 1st Whole30 tonight! Made my first batches of paleo Whole30 compliant Ketchup and Mayo (The mayo was pretty tricky, especially had trouble pasteurizing the eggs without over cooking them!), but it turned out salvageable. Might get better with practice. Not sure I have the patience for the whole drizzle slowly technique!

    So, I am filling out my goal sheet and am excited to see how this month progresses. My family thinks I am kinda going off the deep end, but with my serious health issues and weight issues, I think this is important and will do it with or without them. They are really not being too bad about it, not trying to talk me out of it or anything, just eye rolling and such. But if I feel better and function better, I can certainly live with that!

  5. Francoise says

    Diane re Whole30 Mayo, the recipe I found in one of Mellissa’s blogs was super easy (not sure what you mean about pasteurizing your egg) but there was a really good comment on there at the bottom of the blog which advised that if you put all the ingredients into a tall mixing container and wait for the oil to rise to the top then put your hand mixer right at the bottom and then begin to blend on the lowest setting slowly lifting the blender up and down. Its really easy me and my 12 year old made it in less than half and hour and its yummy too!

  6. Rachel says

    I’m in Australia so I’ve already started as August 1st was yesterday. I’m so pumped and excited about how I’m going to feel in 30 days!
    I’m about to go through all the links for the whole30 partners hoping that there are some suppliers in Australia, or that post here. It would be awesome to be able to get some pre-made meals here too :)
    Any helpful suggestions would be great! I can’t wait to get my daily emails! Again with the time zone I’m still waiting :/
    This weekend will be a massive cook up!

  7. says

    This website was very helpful. My husband and I just started whole30 today. I cannot wait to complete it and I hope this takes us a step closer to a healthier lifestyle.
    Follow my progress on my blog website.

  8. Suzanne Barrett says

    I’m starting my first Whole30 on 1 September. I wanted to complete It Starts With Food before going on the program. Looking forward to it.

  9. Kristine says

    Started my Whole30 in July and continuing in August! Are you planning to do an Instagram contest for August like you did in July? I’m determined to become a winner!!

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