May 14, 2018

Whole30 101: 11 Reasons to Hire a Whole30 Certified Coach

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By Samantha Presicci, MCN, RDN, LDN, CPT, Whole30 Certified Coach, and creator of Mindful Bites

I know what you’re thinking … the Whole30 is a free program. Why should you hire a Whole30 Certified Coach to walk you through it? Look. I get it. And you’re probably not expecting me to say this, but I do not believe that everyone needs a Coach. Many people have done just fine on their own!

But, perhaps you’re new to the Whole30, and compiling all of the resources from all around the web feels overwhelming. Or you’ve tried to do a Whole30 in the past, but not been able to finish. Perhaps you have unique concerns, or have done a Whole30 before and didn’t see the results you were hoping for. Maybe you want to do a Whole30, but you don’t want to do it alone, and you haven’t had any success in recruiting a Whole30 buddy. Or maybe you’re a Gretchen Rubin Obliger, and need that external accountability to see this commitment through.

If any of the above are true for you, then enlisting the help of a Coach may be just what you need! Here are 11 reasons why hiring a Whole30 Certified Coach might be the best strategy to help you achieve success during your Whole30.

Are you ready to hire a Whole30 Certified Coach? Click here for current Coach events, groups, and 1:1 coaching.

Photo: Certified Coach Andrea Overturf

1 | Accountability and encouragement.

Changing ingrained habits is hard. Habit research says that accountability is one of the main contributing factors to helping someone achieve lasting behavior change.

Think about your immediate circle. Are your family and friends or coworkers likely to be a source of consistent accountability and encouragement for you during your Whole30? Or are they more likely to be uninterested, un-supportive, or potentially even actively discouraging you from Whole30 success? If you think the second scenario is more likely, a Whole30 Coach can provide the support system you need for unwavering accountability and positive encouragement.

2 | Paying a Coach creates a financial incentive

Habit research also shows that having a strong incentive can help you create permanent behavior change. For some, the potential for non-scale victories and weight loss aren’t enough of an incentive. If that’s you, then you might consider forking over some of your hard earned cash to a Coach. It’s a smart way to add a measure of financial incentive to your Whole30 journey, while also securing the services and help that a Coach offers.

If you know you’re paying your Whole30 Certified Coach a certain amount of money to Coach you, you’re less likely to intentionally quit your Whole30 early and lose out on your investment. And, you’re more likely to take your Whole30 commitment seriously, adhering to the program rules 100%.

3 | To answer questions that you don’t even know you have

Right now, the Whole30 may seem simple enough. Eat some protein, vegetables, healthy fat, and some nuts, seeds and fruit. What’s so hard about that? But what about common additives and label reading; sneaky words for sugar and gluten on labels; strategies for dining out; and planning ahead for travel?

All of these concerns are possible to figure out on your own, but maybe you don’t have the time or capacity to do so. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert available who can give you quick, insightful and personalized answers?

Photo: Whole30 Coach of the Year Jacob Heath, Whole30 CEO Melissa Urban, and Whole30 Coach Innovator Florizta Gomez

4 | To expand your base of knowledge

A Coach helps you fit the Whole30 puzzle pieces together. He or she will help you see how all of your actions contribute to your overall wellness, even if you initially think those actions are totally unrelated to health. It’s pretty fun to have someone give you directly applicable and actionable advice on a regular basis.

5 | To to help you set your expectations

A good Coach knows the questions to ask you to make sure you’re prepared for a whole range of roadblocks and challenges. Pre-Whole30, you’ll likely either be overwhelmed or overly confident. Both of these scenarios mean you probably won’t properly plan for potential bumps in the road. A good Coach can help you predict what kind of challenges may arise during your Whole30 journey, and can help you set your expectations of the experience accordingly.

6 | To ask you the tough questions and help you realize your sticking points.

A good Coach isn’t afraid to be honest with you. He or she will call you on your excuses if needed, and will ask you the tough questions. If your Coach is doing a good job, they’ll help you recognize the places where there’s a disconnect between what you say you want and what you’re actually doing. That’s powerful.

Photo: Whole30 Certified Coach Teri Riley with her Coaching Group

7 | To help you troubleshoot your meal template and meal planning

Knowing how to build appropriate Whole30 meals will help you get the most out of your Whole30 experience. While I hesitate to say there’s a way to do Whole30 “wrong,” there kind of is. I’ve observed my clients not eating enough, or under-eating certain macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs). They’re unintentionally sabotaging themselves.

It’ll be pretty hard to know if you’re doing this (or how to fix it) without the help of a Coach. If you’re feeling hungry, how much do you increase your portion? What do you add more of to your plate? A Coach can help you troubleshoot these concerns.

8 | To offer expertise and encouragement for the rough patches.

Your Whole30 is not going to go perfectly. Things may get worse before they get better. It’s helpful to have someone there who has not only been there personally, but has also Coached others through similar situations. It’s empowering to send an SOS text to your Coach and get an answer back in 5 minutes, rather than researching for hours on your own.

9 | To help you determine how your lifestyle habits beyond food may be impacting your success.

Did you know that things like sleep, mindset, movement and stress all play a (pretty big) role in your Whole30 results? If you’re going through Whole30 solo, it can be overwhelming enough to focus on the food by itself, let alone think about your habits in these other areas. That’s where a Coach comes in to help you think critically about your Whole30 experience and how it fits in with the big picture of your lifestyle.

Whole30 Certified Coach Kristin Ratnofsky with her coaching group; Whole30 Certified Coach Brenda Heskes with a client

10 | To help you tailor your Whole30 to your unique health context.

This applies to Coaches who are both Registered Dietitians (or other health care professionals) and Whole30 Certified Coaches (like me!). If you do have specific health issues or diagnoses, working with a qualified Coach in combination with your medical provider can ensure that you have a positive (and successful) Whole30 experience.

11 | Because it’s fun to have an ally in a new (and sometimes challenging) process.

A Coach is someone who will help encourage, support, and motivate you to do your best each day. Your Coach will reassure you that you’re not alone, and that you’re not the first person in the history of Whole30 to experience whatever it is you’re feeling on day 10, 12, or 25 of your Whole30. Because the Whole30 Coaching certification process is rigorous, it only attracts the best of the best. Each Whole30 Certified Coach is passionate about leading other people through the Whole30, and their passion will shine through in every interaction you have. It’s an incredible asset to have a Whole30 Coach on your team.

Are you ready to hire a Whole30 Certified Coach? Click here for current Coach events, groups, and 1:1 coaching.
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Header Image: Certified Coach Theresa Newman

Sam Presicci (AKA, Sam P the RD) is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Whole30 Certified Coach. She is also a real food advocate on a myth-busting mission. Through her website, Mindful Bites, and her nutrition counseling practice, Sam guides people to achieve peace with food, vibrant energy, improved well-being and confidence in their food and lifestyle choices – once and for all.