8 Steps to an Empowered Pregnancy

Learn eight steps to help you feel empowered during pregnancy and as you enter into parenthood.Learn 8 steps to feel empowered during your pregnancy and birthing experience is through education on the process and exercising your right to choose.
Dear Melissa| Answering questions about your Whole30 and Food Freedom

Dear Melissa: It’s Day 21 of my Whole30 and I Haven’t Lost Weight

Looking for our philosophy on Whole30 and weight loss? Click here for a letter and more resources from Melissa Urban. Dear Melissa, I’m on Day 21 of my Whole30 and haven’t lost any weight yet, what gives? –Monica Dear Monica, Before I wrote Food Freedom Forever, I would have tough-loved...Worried your Whole30 isn't "working?" Here's what Melissa has to say.
Pork Colombo Recipe Whole30 Header

Whole30 Pork Colombo Featuring Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth

Sponsored by Bonafide Provisions Looking for a special Whole30 recipe to serve at a dinner party or gathering? Normally, the recipes we share are written to serve 2-4 people, sutable for a weeknight family dinner. Today, we’re sharing a dish that Chef Jeromy of Grand Summit resort in Park City,...
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Whole30 Lamb Chops and Fingerlings with Arugula Pesto from Cooking Whole30

Today we’re sharing this recipe from Cooking Whole30, the updated, revised, and enhanced edition of the New York Times bestselling The Whole30 Cookbook. These Whole30 lamb chops are perfect for a holiday meal, they’re well suited for feeding a crowd. Pre-order Bonus Order Cooking Whole30 from any retailer, and we’ll send you an...Serve something unique this holiday season. Whole30 lamb chops are perfect for a big family meal—they're well suited for feeding a crowd.
Dear Melissa| Answering questions about your Whole30 and Food Freedom

Dear Melissa: Help Me Talk about My Whole30 Weight Loss

Dear Melissa, I have lost about 110 pounds over the last 2-1/2 years, and the Whole30 was a huge part of that. But I tend to feel guilty or bad about that because it’s not an NSV (non-scale victory). There WERE a lot of NSVs, but the one everyone can...If you've lost a significant amount of weight with the Whole30 program, what's the best way to share the spirit of the Whole30 without making it sound like a diet? Melissa has some ideas.
Dear Melissa| Answering questions about your Whole30 and Food Freedom

Dear Melissa: I’ve Tried Every Diet… and Failed. Help.

Dear Melissa, How do I get started with the Whole30 when I’ve tried everything and failed? – Jessica Jessica, The short answer is, read (or listen to) Food Freedom Forever. You’ve tried every diet and failed, because calorie-restrictive diets SET YOU UP to fail. But once you get the diet...Food Freedom Forever spends time breaking you out of the diet mentality, showing you another way to look at the food you put on your plate, your way of eating, and your relationship with food.
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Whole30 Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts and two more Whole30 Appetizer Recipes

By Melissa Urban, who has been carrying cold Applegate hot dogs onto planes since 2015 I’ve been waiting a long time to announce this… Applegate is now an official Whole30 Approved partner, with a very long list of Whole30 Approved products! Today, we’re showing you how to use three of...Need a Whole30 party dish to share? These Whole30 Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts will be a hit with your friends, we promise.
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Whole30 Success Story: Mike L. Spreads the Whole30 Word

This post is part of our ongoing Whole30 success stories series. To submit your own Whole30 success story, contact [email protected]. Today, we’re introducing you to Mike L. After experiencing incredible non-scale victories, reversing health conditions and losing weight on the Whole30, Mike was so convinced of the efficacy of the...
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Whole30 Success Story: Lauren Feeds her Family of Nine

This story came to us via Lauren @ourwholeclan on Instagram, where she chronicles the Whole30 meals she makes for her family.  I heard about the Whole30 while I was in labor with my seventh (yes, SEVENTH) child. You know: active labor, with preeclampsia, an extra 40 pounds, worrying about my health and...Can you Whole30 with a big family? Mama of 9 Lauren shares her Whole30 Success Story and the strategies she used to feed her family.
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