Shanna Keller, our Chief Content Officer, hails from Boise, Idaho, where she lives with her husband Alan and a poorly-behaved terrier named Olly. She has spent her career telling stories of life transformation on social, web, e-mail and print media platforms. In addition to celebrating Whole30 successes and stories online, Shanna loves to cook, read, and climb.
Do I Have to Eat My Whole30 Breakfast?

Do I Have to Eat My Whole30 Breakfast?

By Shanna Keller, who enthusiastically eats an egg-free Whole30 breakfast hash almost every morning “Ever since I was a child I haven’t been a breakfast eater. I’m on Day 8 and couldn’t force myself to eat another breakfast today. I’ve gagged one down every day except today. Any pointers?” –...Struggling to stomach your Whole30 breakfasts? You're not alone. Learn strategies and support—plus the reason we want you to eat breakfast.
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Whole30 Success Story: Tori Balances Health and Travel

Tori is a flight attendant and a Whole30’er who has embraced her Food Freedom, supporting and maintaining her healthy habits even when she’s traveling regularly for her job. Her secret to success: prep, planning, and determination. If you’re trying to figure out how to make Whole30 eating work while traveling,...
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Whole30 Approved: Introducing Yai’s Thai Coconut Curry Sauces

By Shanna Keller, who daydreams about a good green curry at least three times a week. Recipes and photography by Sarah Steffens, in-house Whole30 recipe creative. You know that feeling you get when you’ve been reading labels in the grocery store for six minutes straight, and the very last item you...
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Whole30 Salmon Cakes With Mango Relish from Cooking Whole30

These salmon cakes are a flavorful, versatile protein to have on hand—and the mango relish adds a fresh punch. Pair them with a fresh green salad for a fantastic lunch, or break them up in a potato and veggie hash for breakfast.
melissas chicken hash

Whole30 Recipe: Melissa’s Chicken Hash

Happy Friday! It’s coming up on Easter Sunday, and we just know you’re already tired of eggs on eggs on (hard-boiled-and-beet-juice-stained) eggs. So today, we’re giving you a special bonus recipe… and it’s one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE eggless breakfasts. Today we’re sharing the recipe for Melissa’s Chicken Hash...
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Whole30 Approved: ButcherBox

When we say the Whole30 will change your life, we’re referring to your health, habits and relationship with food. But Mike Salguero’s Whole30 experience was so profound that it inspired him to found a company. Yes, seriously. Mike is the founder and CEO of ButcherBox, a company that ships the...

Whole30 Braised Beef Short Ribs with Porcini Mushroom Sauce

This Braised Beef Short Rib recipe from The Whole30 Cookbook is elegant and delicious, perfect for a holiday meal or special dinner date. The best part is that after 15 minutes of prep time, the meat goes into the oven to simmer for two hours. This results in a meltingly...This Whole30 Braised Beef Short Ribs recipe from The Whole30 Cookbook is elegant and delicious, perfect for a holiday meal or special dinner date.
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A Food Freedom Forever Conversation, With Melissa Urban

If you recently wrapped up your #Whole30 and are asking the question, "Okay... now what?" Food Freedom Forever is my answer. These videos are an insider peek into Food Freedom Forever, as I share concepts and insights from the book with the group. No matter where you are in your...Hear Melissa Urban explain the concept of Food Freedom in her own words, in three exclusive videos filmed in front of a live audience.
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Whole30 101: Your Guide to Non-Scale Victories

Congratulations, Whole30’er! You’ve successfully completed 30 days of the Whole30 program—no small feat! (Yes, we know the most famous line of the Whole30 is, “This is not hard,” but as we explain in the preface of The Whole30… we knew this would be hard, and we are so proud of...
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