Stephanie Greunke

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Stephanie lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two sons. Stephanie specializes in prenatal/postnatal nutrition, behavioral psychology, and holds additional certifications in perinatal mental health and fitness. Stephanie has been an advocate of the Whole30 program since 2010, using the program personally and professionally with her clients. She’s also the co-host of the “Doctor Mom” Podcast and the creator of Postpartum Reset, a virtual postpartum nutrition program and community. Stephanie is committed to building a community of parents who encourage each other and share their own experiences so they know they’re not alone and have resources to feel empowered.
Plant-Based Whole30 Hero

Where’s the Beef? Plant-Based Meats and the PB Whole30

Article by Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke You’ve signed up to do the Plant-Based Whole30, and you’re excited to get started! You’ve read through our Protein resource highlighting the importance of plant-based protein during your 30-day reset, and you’re on board. However, there’s one section that leaves you a little confused:...What kinds of plant based meat alternatives can I eat while doing a plant-based Whole30? What are Plant-Based meats anyway? Let us explain.
The Science Behind the Plant-Based Whole30

The Science Behind the Plant-Based Whole30

Introducing Whole30’s newest offering, the comprehensive Plant-Based Whole30® program. We hope those of you who are currently vegan or vegetarian are excited for a program that offers the same life-changing benefits without any animal products! The Plant-Based Whole30 is also perfect if you’ve done the Original Whole30, and want to...Looking to learn more about our new Plant-Based Whole30 program? Find out about the science behind this plant-based version of the Whole30.
Protein during a Plant-Based Whole30

What About Protein?: Answering Your Plant-Based Whole30 Questions

Click here to download our Plant-Based Protein PDF One of the most common questions about adopting a plant-based diet is, “Where do you get your protein?” It’s a valid question! With a 100% plant-based diet, you’re eliminating commonly recognized protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. However, many plant-based...
Can I Have A Smoothie during a Plant-Based Whole30?

Can I Have A Smoothie? Here’s your Plant-Based Whole30 answer.

Smoothies: A delicious, thick, creamy beverage that can be used as a quick option on busy mornings, a way to sneak in more fruits and veggies, or a midday snack to see you through until dinner. But are they a good option for your Plant-Based Whole30? If you’ve been part...Can I Have A Smoothie? Here's your Plant-Based Whole30 answer from Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke.
The Science Behind Whole30's Success

The Science Behind Whole30’s Success

Wondering how the Whole30 program has led to millions of success stories? It starts with an elimination protocol.Why do so many people rave about the Whole30 Program? Is it an elimination diet? Here’s the science behind Whole30’s success.
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Dear Melissa: How do I continue my Food Freedom Post COVID-19 Pandemic?

Dear Melissa, I did a Whole30 program during the pandemic, and since then, have had a lot of opportunities to hone in on my Food Freedom at home, since I wasn’t dining out or socializing. Now I’m getting ready for my first post-pandemic vacation/party/ business trip and need help knowing...
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Salt on the Whole30

Are you suffering from symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, decreased mental or physical performance? You may have inadequate sodium intake. Read more about why you might need more salt on the Whole30.Are you suffering from symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, decreased mental or physical performance? You may have inadequate sodium intake. Read more about why you might need more salt on the Whole30

Can I Eat Bacon On The Whole30? An RD Answers Your Whole30 Bacon Questions.

Can I eat bacon on the Whole30? The short answer is YES! The longer answer is as long as it’s compatible with the Whole30 program—many brands aren’t. A Registered Dietitian is here to explain Whole30 and Bacon and answer your questions. Steph here! Bacon is a controversial and often-debated food,...Can I eat bacon on the Whole30? Yes! As long as it's compatible with the program. Our Whole30 RD and Education Manager explains.
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Non-Scale Victories from our Community

Celebrating non-scale victories (NSVs) has always been a cornerstone of the Whole30 program. Now we want to highlight and celebrate some of the NSVs our community shares with us on a daily basis.We have highlighted and want to celebrate some of the non-scale victories (NSV's) our community shares with us on a daily basis.
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