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Lindsay Rhodes

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B.S. in Marketing, Minor in Strategic Communication

Lindsay Rhodes, our Project Manager, currently resides in beautiful city of Chicago. She attended Butler University where she received her B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Strategic Communication. Previously, Lindsay has worked for management consulting firms as a marketing consultant and as a campus recruiter. A huge sports lover, Lindsay enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and beach volleyball in her free time. When she’s not diving for a ball, she enjoys reading, traveling , and spending time with friends. 

    Flavor Fatigue
    Fight flavor fatigue with these tasty tips

    There’s an appeal to putting parts of your life on autopilot. However, when it comes to your meals, constant repetition can wreak havoc. Flavor fatigue is real! Follow along for a better understanding of flavor fatigue and learn tips to help you fight back. Use this simple, easy advice when you’re meal planning, prepping, or …

    Community Cohort Success Story
    Whole30 success stories: Take a ride on the road to 100 with Carrie K

    Carrie K. is going places. You might expect as much from a seasoned traveler who’s already enjoyed adventures in far-off destinations like the Arctic Circle—and has Antarctica on deck for January 2025. But that isn’t the only uncommon journey Carrie has in mind for the future. “I joke about my [Whole30] ‘why’ all the time …

    Nutritional Yeast on Whole30
    Nutritional Yeast for Deliciously Cheesy Whole30 Cuisine

    Welcome to the flavorful world of nutritional yeast, a secret weapon in dairy-free cooking! Also known as ‘nooch,’ this versatile seasoning is a game-changer for those avoiding dairy due to lactose intolerance or dietary choices like Whole30 or plant-based eating. Let’s dive into how nutritional yeast can revolutionize your dairy-free diet. Exploring nutritional yeast: An …