Whole30® Success Story: We (Heart) Gerry C.

Earlier this week, Gerry C. from San Jose, CA wrote us a quick note about her Whole30 experience… and the entire Whole9 team promptly fell in love. For those of you who think, “It’s too late for that” or “I’m too old to make any changes” or “Will this really...

Whole30® Success Story: Stefanie M.

A few months ago, we got this note from Whole9 Nutrition Partner Stefanie M., owner of CrossFit DNA. Her email inspired us. We had to share her Whole30 story with our readers, and Stefanie graciously agreed. Read, be inspired too, and pass it on. In Stefanie’s Own Words My name...

Winning the Race Against JRA: A Guest Post by Summer Wesson

We are thrilled to feature this story for two reasons. First, Summer is the first real-life example we’ve encountered of someone who has cured their autoimmune disease. That’s right – cured her autoimmune disease. Second, she did it with the help of a Paleo diet, our Whole30® program, and the...

The Bride30: Kim’s Story

We recently received a note from Kim LaPlante, of Detroit, MI.   Kim married Seth Arbogast in July 2011, and used the Whole30® to help her prepare for her wedding.  Wait – are you rolling your eyes, thinking, “Not another pre-wedding weight loss story?”  Given how we feel about focusing...

The Whole30 and PDD

Last week, Nicole L. from Corona, CA shared this comment on our Whole30 post: “We (the L. family) finished up the Whole30 on the 30th of January and we feel great. The behavior in our children have improved drastically – my oldest has PDD, and the absence of gluten and...

Whole30™ Success Story: Jenn L.

A few months ago, we received a note from Jenn L., a friend and unofficial “client” of Lauren Guibert, one of our original Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaires.  Jenn wrote: “You’ve heard it a million times, but – you changed my life.  I was lucky to have worked with Lauren Guibert –...

Whole30 Success Story: Jessica O.

If you read one testimonial about the Whole30 program, please, read this story. Jessica moved us to tears when we met her at a recent workshop. Her story is powerful, and beautiful, and we are humbled by her kind words.

Whole30 Success Story: Andrea vs. That Shoulder Thing

Today’s Whole30 Success Story comes from Andrea Cochran, of Simi Valley, CA. Andrea suffered from something common to so many high-intensity exercisers… “that shoulder thing”. You know what we’re talking about – that shoulder pain that comes on gradually [...]

Whole30 Success Story: Beth Tracy

We had the pleasure of meeting today’s Whole30 Success Story Beth Tracy twice – once at our Foundations of Nutrition workshop in her home state of Texas, and again in June when she flew to Las Vegas with her daughter to attend another workshop. After speaking with Beth, we asked...

The Whole30 + Type 1 Diabetes

While many have had life-changing results from ourWhole30 program, once in a while we have the opportunity to delve into more complicated “problem solving mode” with our consulting practice. A few months ago, we had such an opportunity with Meggie D., a type 1 diabetic who was having trouble controlling...

Whole30 + Acne: Judy’s Story

Skin conditions like acne aren't exclusive to teenagers - and despite the numerous treatments (both over the counter and prescribed) designed to treat acne, many adults still suffer with dry skin, irritated skin, and disrupted skin on a daily basis. What if smooth, healthy, vibrant skin were as simple as...

The Whole30 and Infertility: Kristyn’s Story

Today we are featuring a story that brings us much joy, not only because Kristyn and her husband Willy have realized their dream of having children, but because they’ve been friends of ours for quite some time, and helping people you love is just about the best feeling in the...

Whole30 Success Story Contest Winner: Jennifer’s Story

In December, we published a call for Whole30 success stories - people who had completed the Whole30 program in 2010, and had amazing, life-changing results with the program. We received HUNDREDS of entries - all which embodied the spirit and intention of the Whole30 program. [...]