The Dish on Paleo Comfort Foods

Today, we’re featuring a fun interview with Charles and Julie Mayfield, authors of the gorgeous new cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods. We asked them some serious (and not so serious) questions […]

Whole30 Success Story: Andrea vs. That Shoulder Thing

Today’s Whole30 Success Story comes from Andrea Cochran, of Simi Valley, CA. Andrea suffered from something common to so many high-intensity exercisers… “that shoulder thing”. You know what we’re talking about – that shoulder pain that comes on gradually […]

Steal This Snack: SeaSnax (Strangely Addictive)

Today’s post began in Honolulu, HI, when Melissa picked up a package of SeaSnax at the local Whole Foods. The package promised they would be “strangely addictive”, and after Melissa plowed through three snack-packs in as many days, she realized the product actually lived up to the hype. […]

Whole30 Success Story: Beth Tracy

We had the pleasure of meeting today’s Whole30 Success Story Beth Tracy twice – once at our Foundations of Nutrition workshop in her home state of Texas, and again in June when she flew to Las Vegas with her daughter to attend another workshop. After speaking with Beth, we asked her to share her story […]

A is for Awareness

We recently received a note from Kristin M., who attended our recent Foundations of Nutirtion workshop in Colorado.  Kristin wrote: “We as a family (including our 11 year old son, and two daughters ages 9 and 5) have been doing the Whole 30 since April 17th.  My son says he feels “powerful and strong”, my […]

Whole30 Success Story: Alan C.

Today’s Whole30 success story features Alan C. (40), of Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words – or, in Alan’s case, 15 pounds lost in just 30 days (and a whole person’s worth of weight lost in his three year journey).  We’re not going to smuck up his […]

The Whole30 + Type 1 Diabetes

While many have had life-changing results from ourWhole30 program, once in a while we have the opportunity to delve into more complicated “problem solving mode” with our consulting practice. A few months ago, we had such an opportunity with Meggie D., a type 1 diabetic who was having trouble controlling her blood sugars, despite a […]

Whole30 Success Stories: CrossFit Herzliya (Israel)

In January, we received a note from Zack Finer, trainer at CrossFit Herzliya, the only CrossFit affiliate in Israel. (He’s featured in our header photo.) Zack wrote, “We are about a week into our first Whole30 program, and things are going great. One of my members just informed me that she finally fits into her […]

Steal This Meal: Egg and Kale Breakfast Quiche

Today’s STM feature comes from Leigh J., in Daytona Beach, FL. Leigh writes, “I use a local business down here in Daytona Beach that delivers organic produce weekly. This week, I got red kale in my basket. Seeing as how I have never eaten red kale, I searched for some recipes. I came across one […]