Whole30® Approved: Red Boat Fish Sauce

Many of you fantastic foodies have heard mention of, or even used, Red Boat Fish Sauce as an ingredient in recipes from some of our favorite chefs (like Melissa Joulwan, Michelle Tam and Tom Denham). Today, we are thrilled to announce that Red Boat is officially a Whole30-Approved product!  If you haven’t given it a […]

There is Hope for Autoimmune Illness: A Guest Post by Ann Wendel

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Ann Wendel, the newest addition to the Whole9 family. You may already know Ann from her physical therapy work or blog, Prana Physical Therapy, but today she joins us as the newest addition to our growing roster of Whole9 professional consultants . Ann will not only be […]

Winning the Race Against JRA: A Guest Post by Summer Wesson

We are thrilled to feature this story for two reasons. First, Summer is the first real-life example we’ve encountered of someone who has cured their autoimmune disease. That’s right – cured her autoimmune disease. Second, she did it with the help of a Paleo diet, our Whole30® program, and the tremendous coaching and guidance of […]

Change Your Habits, Part 2: Willpower

 “I can resist everything except temptation.” –Oscar Wilde Willpower (or “self-control”) is what people use to restrain their desires and impulses. More precisely, Roy F. Baumeister andJohn Tierney, authors of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, define willpower as “the capacity to override one response (and substitute another).” You may think of willpower as an […]

The Bride30: Kim’s Story

We recently received a note from Kim LaPlante, of Detroit, MI.   Kim married Seth Arbogast in July 2011, and used the Whole30® to help her prepare for her wedding.  Wait – are you rolling your eyes, thinking, “Not another pre-wedding weight loss story?”  Given how we feel about focusing on weight loss during your […]

Whole30 Success Story: Rick K. and CrossFit Michiana

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying it: if you want to transform your body and improve your health, it starts with food. And nobody knows this better than Rick K., a member at CrossFit Michiana (a Whole9 Nutrition Partner). Rick has lost 150 pounds in 4 months by combining Whole30 eating with […]

Change Your Habits, Part 1: The Cue

Today’s post comes as a result of the habit research we’ve been doing for It Starts With Food, and a plea for help on our Whole30 Facebook page. Tamra, a valued and longstanding member of our Whole30 community, wrote: “I am having such a hard time riding my own bike! I keep falling off onto […]

The Official End to my Whole30, by Camilla N.

Today’s guest post (a follow-up to Monday’s article, “Is your Whole30 Unhealthy?”) was written by Camilla N, who blogs at http://tgipaleo.wordpress.com. We encourage you to leave your thoughts and own experiences in comments. Camilla’s Story “Stop.  Before you assume I went on a McFlurry-bender before I wrote this, just stop.  Stop. Judging.  Right.  Now. Up […]

The Whole30 and PDD

Last week, Nicole L. from Corona, CA shared this comment on our Whole30 post: “We (the L. family) finished up the Whole30 on the 30th of January and we feel great. The behavior in our children have improved drastically – my oldest has PDD, and the absence of gluten and sugar has been a godsend […]