Whole30/MEBB Study: CrossFit Potential and CrossFit Orillia

A few months ago, we received an email from James Gordon, of CrossFit Orillia and CrossFit Potential Barrie. James was about to launch a 30 day informal study within the two gyms, testing the effect a high quality nutrition program and strength program would have on his members’ body composition, energy levels, sleep quality and performance. […]

Hypocritical… or human?

While on vacation in Mexico, we posted the following status update on our Facebook page:  “Whole9 is grilling fresh mahi, making a giant batch of guac and kicking our heels up with some hand-made corn tortillas.”   This was kind of a boring update, so imagine our surprise when almost 40 comments rolled in!  (We’ve included […]

Whole30 101: Your guide to the grocery store

We’ve heard it a million times – how can I afford to eat like this? (“Like this” meaning “Whole30” or a general Paleo diet.) We can’t argue the fact that it’s cheaper to eat a McDonald’s value meal than to craft your own healthy Paleo dish by hand… but then again, diabetes medication is pretty expensive too. […]

100 Days of Whole30

Today is Monday, December 6, 2010, and today is my Whole106. (A guest post by Peggie Larsen, Pierre, SD.) […]

Steal This Meal: Roasted squash and sausage

We often hear the question, “What do you eat for breakfast if you don’t eat eggs?” Trying to get people to get off the idea of traditional “breakfast, lunch and dinner” is often a tough sell, and a burger and broccoli first thing in the morning just doesn’t appeal to many people. […]

Steal This Meal: Thanksgiving, Part III

Here is Part III of our Thanksgiving Steal This Meal series, featuring more vegetable side dishes, and two delicious dessert options. Again, while we don’t encourage you to “Paleo-ify” poor food choices like pies and cakes, for a once-a-year social and cultural event like Thanksgiving, we’re more than okay with recreating your favorite pumpkin pie or Mom’s famous Waldorf salad. […]

Steal This Meal: Thanksgiving, Part II

We received so many STM submissions for our Thanksgiving series that we’re splitting the recipes up across two days. Today’s feature will include an easy slow-cooker turkey recipe, and some Whole30-approved side dishes. Thursday, we’ll feature more vegetable side dishes, and dessert options. […]

Steal This Meal: Thanksgiving, Part I

We want to help Chris (and you!) show your family and friends that eating Whole30 compatible is not that hard – and that our Good Food can still be delicious and satisfying. So we decided to Whole30 transform the two toughest Thanksgiving recipes – stuffing and cranberry sauce. […]

Steal This Meal: Egg and Spinach Muffins

Today’s STM submission comes from Christie Tracey, one of our favorite Whole9 guest bloggers (A House Divided) and Whole30 expert. Christie’s blog is a treasure trove of Paleo resources, recipes and inspiration, so after you whip up her spinach muffins, head on over and check out her other Paleo recipe offerings. […]