The Whole30 + Type 1 Diabetes

While many have had life-changing results from ourWhole30 program, once in a while we have the opportunity to delve into more complicated “problem solving mode” with our consulting practice. A few months ago, we had such an opportunity with Meggie D., a type 1 diabetic who was having trouble controlling her blood sugars, despite a …

Whole30 + Acne: Judy’s Story

Skin conditions like acne aren’t exclusive to teenagers – and despite the numerous treatments (both over the counter and prescribed) designed to treat acne, many adults still suffer with dry skin, irritated skin, and disrupted skin on a daily basis. What if smooth, healthy, vibrant skin were as simple as changing the food you put in your mouth? […]

Steal This Meal: Feed a cold

Today’s STM feature comes from our friend, former consulting client and rock star CrossFit trainer Kassandra McKenzie of CrossFit South Arlington. Kass wrote to us earlier this week with a fabulous STM idea for those of us who are battling a winter cold or flu. […]

Whole30 Success Story Contest Winner: Jennifer’s Story

In December, we published a call for Whole30 success stories – people who had completed the Whole30 program in 2010, and had amazing, life-changing results with the program. We received HUNDREDS of entries – all which embodied the spirit and intention of the Whole30 program. […]

Steal This Meal: Pressure Cooker Cacciatore

Earlier this week, our Whole9 Envoy Extraordinaire Christie Tracy sent us a note so full of exclamation points, we had to sit right down and read it. Christie has recently stumbled upon a new kitchen toy that we guarantee will make your meals twice as delicious in half the time – a pressure cooker. […]