Dear Melissa: Can I Influence My Teen to Find Their Food Freedom?

Dear Melissa,  Any advice on how to get semi-adult children to buy into the Whole30 (or at least whole foods over junk)? I didn’t set the best foundation for them, but I learned from my multiple Whole30s and have tried to model that when they are home (ignoring the eye-rolling). Can I reinvent good nutritional influence this …

Dear Melissa: Grandparents Behaving Badly

Have the grandparents of the family been unsupportive of your Whole30 efforts with your kiddos? This is definitely an emotionally-charged issue, but Melissa Urban has some excellent advice and strategies for both the parents AND the grandparents for having this important conversation.

Dear Melissa: I’m Worried About My Grandkids on the Whole30

We’re seeing so many families taking on a Whole30 together, kids and all, and we think that’s wonderful! However, If you’ve experienced some less-than-enthusiastic responses from other family members for attempting a family Whole30, check out Melissa Urban’s advice as she addresses the concerns of a grandmother on the value of her grandkids Whole30’ing alongside their parents.

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