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Dear Melissa: Is Kombucha Whole30?

Many Whole30 participants are curious about kombucha. Can you have kombucha on Whole30? Is there a “Whole30 kombucha?” Read on for an explanation of this popular fermented beverage. (I can also skip to the chase: If you want a Whole30 Approved kombucha, look no further than Humm Kombucha. You’re welcome.)..."Is Kombucha Whole30?" is a tricky question. Melissa Urban gives you her best answer, and shares an easy solution: Humm Whole30 Kombucha.
The Pancake Rule

Whole30 101: The Pancake Rule

The History, Philosophy, and Revisions of the Whole30 Rule Inspired by Our Most-Asked-About Food Since the creation of the Whole30 in April 2009, we’ve always had a rule that eliminates baked goods, chips, and other specific comfort foods even if they’re made with Whole30 compatible ingredients. We call it the...Learn more about the Whole30 Pancake Rule—including it's origin, the logic behind it, and how it can help you maximize your Whole30 success.
Whole30 Salt Lake City Dining Guide Hero

The Whole30 Salt Lake City Dining Guide

By Melissa Urban I’m asked for dining recommendations in Salt Lake City ALL THE TIME, so it’s fitting that we’re finally making my guide to Whole30 dining in Salt Lake City available to you via our Whole30 Dining Guide series. [Tweet “Heading to SLC? Eat like the #Whole30 CEO with...Visiting Salt Lake City soon? Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Urban shares her favorite local spots to get a delicious, Whole30 compatible meal.

Three Spring Salads Featuring Whole30 Approved Organicville

We’ll cut right to it: Organicville is debuting a line of Whole30 Approved products including seven dressings and three mustards. And they’ve got even more in the works. You’ll love their Whole30 Approved salad dressings! [Tweet “A warm Whole30 welcome to the @SkyValleyFood line of Organicville dressings and condiments to...Organicville is debuting their line of seven Whole30 Approved salad dressings and three mustards ... with more products to come.
Whole30 Post Workout Pre Workout

Whole30 Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Meals, with Renaissance Periodization

Today’s, we’re answering your questions about Whole30 pre-workout and postworkout meals, and maximizing exercise performance and recovery on the Whole30, from Registered Dietitian Paul Salter of Renaissance Periodization Introduction It’s no longer a secret that cutting sugary carbs and getting away from grains has improved how you feel. Add that to...Wondering about what Whole30 compatible pre and post workout meals look like? Registered Dietitian Paul Salter gives his expert opinion.
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Whole30 101: Snacks on the Whole30

From Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Urban, who is literally eating a snack right now One of the most common questions I hear from those new to the Whole30 is about snacking. “I know we’re not supposed to snack… but seriously, can I snack?” Let’s clear up the facts about snacks on...Whole30 headmistress Melissa Urban dives into our "no snacking" recomendation and clears up misconceptions about snacking and Whole30.
Whole30 KC Dining Guide

The Whole30 Kansas City Dining Guide

We are thrilled to kick off our city dining guide series with a guide to Whole30 dining in Kansas City, written by Whole30 Certified Coach Christine Hofmeister. A Kansas City local, Christine has taken the guesswork out of your next meal out in Kansas City. Her comprehensive guide includes instructions...Looking for Whole30 compatible fare in Kansas City? Whole30 Certified Coach Christine Hofmeister shares her favorite Whole30 meals in KC.
Dear Melissa| Answering questions about your Whole30 and Food Freedom

Dear Melissa: Should I Be Afraid of White Potatoes?

Dear Melissa, Will you talk to me about white potatoes? I am reading It Starts With Food, where white potatoes are allowed but not encouraged unless you’re active. I read Food Freedom Forever and it made me feel like no foods are off limits as long as they are truly...Carbs from whole, unprocessed sources can be naturally satiating food-with-brakes (especially when combined with a healthy fat, like ghee).
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Introducing Whole30 Approved® Deli Meat from Applegate

Last December, we announced Applegate® as our newest Whole30 Approved® partner. The community response on social media was overwhelmingly positive. Like: “Loving it! I’m a no fuss cook and these products are TASTY and QUICK!” and “SO happy about this!!!!” and “I bought their turkey burgers last night and can’t...Just in time for your #SeptemberWhole30, organic, Whole30 Approved, carrageenan-free deli meat from our partners at Applegate.
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