Dear Melissa: Should I Break Up With Fruit?

In this Dear Melissa, we’re talking to a woman who is concerned that she’s too dependent on fruit during her Whole30. While there is nothing wrong with eating fruit—even lots of fruit in a day, if you are eating fruit in an out-of-control manner and eating more than you intend, that’s not a healthy place to be with any food—even healthy foods like fruit.

Whole30 101: The Pancake Rule

Since the creation of the Whole30 program in April 2009, we’ve cautioned against the recreation of breads, muffins, pancakes, and cookies with Whole30 compatible ingredients. In fact, this concept has been one of the cornerstones of the program, specifically requiring the elimination of these items for the duration of your Whole30. Here are our thoughts on why you shouldn’t try to recreate junk food with “approved” ingredients during your Whole30.

The Great Cocoa Debate

This repost is a fun little insight as to how some of our Whole30 rules came about.  Last week, Whole9 reader Chris posed what appeared to be a relatively innocuous question about our Whole30 program.  Chris wrote, “Is 100% pure cocoa okay?” This simple yes-or-no request prompted a 17 hour heated debate within the Whole9 …

The Bone Broth FAQ

Over the weekend, we posted an Instagram photo of a pot of bone broth simmering away captioned, “Bone broth for A.M. sippin’ is going down. Are you intimidated by bone broth? Ask your questions here.” We knew some of you thought the idea of making your own bone broth was a little scary, but we …

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