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Keeping Weight On During The Whole30®

While weight loss isn’t a focus of the Whole30, many still take on the program hoping to improve body composition and lose weight. We understand and support these efforts through our program and resources, as we explained in this 2012 article on the Whole30 and weight loss. In fact, one of the effortless “side effects” […]

Halloween Candy Is Not Special

For those of you following the Whole30® program, certain upcoming holidays may prove a test of willpower. Halloween candy is everywhere, calling out to you from perky colored wrappers in perfectly portioned bite-sized pieces. So, if you’re stocking up for trick-or-treaters, or dealing with an influx of candy in your child’s own bag o’ booty, we are here […]

Ten Things With Melissa Joulwan, Author of Well Fed 2

When you get your hands on your very own copy of Well Fed 2, some things will be immediately obvious: It’s gorgeous. Seriously. The book is packed with vibrant, mouthwatering, full-color photos by Dave Humphreys, Mel’s partner in life, food and all things Smudge. It’s packed with 110 original recipes, most of which also include Mel’s […]

Eating Meat: A Primer for the Meat Challenged

We believe that eating dense animal protein sources makes you healthier, and that there are some serious drawbacks to conventional vegetarian protein sources.  But eating meat isn’t always an easy assignment – there are a number of reasons you may have trouble eating meat at every meal. Some have ethical concerns about the way our […]

Whole30 Drink Ideas: Quench Your Thirst on the Whole30

We like to think of our nutrition recommendations in terms of what you can have, as opposed to what you can’t. Even so, people inevitably start to think of their glass as half empty when they’re asked to scratch certain beverages off their shopping list in preparation for the Whole30®. No soda?! No cream and […]

Nom Nom Whole30®

According to the Oxford dictionary, “nom nom” is an exclamation used to express pleasure at eating, or the prospect of eating, delicious food. We’re pretty sure Oxford came up with this definition after downloading Nom Nom Paleo’s cookbook app for the iPad, because one look at the app’s gorgeous high res photos and your mouth […]

Melissa Joulwan Keeps You Well Fed

Melissa Joulwan’s new cookbook, Well Fed, features more than 115 mouth-watering recipes from every corner of the world. But Well Fed is more than just a cookbook – it’s the definitive resource for every Paleo chef (and aspiring chef). […]