Dear Melissa: Grandparents Behaving Badly

Have the grandparents of the family been unsupportive of your Whole30 efforts with your kiddos? This is definitely an emotionally-charged issue, but Melissa Urban has some excellent advice and strategies for both the parents AND the grandparents for having this important conversation.

Dear Melissa: I’m Worried About My Grandkids on the Whole30

We’re seeing so many families taking on a Whole30 together, kids and all, and we think that’s wonderful! However, If you’ve experienced some less-than-enthusiastic responses from other family members for attempting a family Whole30, check out Melissa Urban’s advice as she addresses the concerns of a grandmother on the value of her grandkids Whole30’ing alongside their parents.

Whole30 Success Story: Meet 16-year-old Katie S.

When we heard Katie’s story, we knew we had to share it. Her passion and enthusiasm shine through in her words. Her honesty will break your heart. We fell in love with this brave, tenacious, bubbly teen, and we know that her story will inspire those of you still in junior high or high school to consider using the Whole30 to change your life, and the lives of those around you.

A is for Awareness: Helping Your Kids Connect Food and Behavior

As outlined in It Starts With Food, the Whole30 has two parts: elimination and reintroduction. First, you completely eliminate potentially problematic foods for a full 30 days. Then, you reintroduce those foods and observe how they affect your digestion, energy, sleep, mood, skin, medical symptoms, and general health. The idea of a scientific reintroduction of …

Good Food Kids: A Parent’s Plan for Dealing with Other People’s Food (Part Two)

By Robin Strathdee, who just told the school nurse that rice cereal every day for breakfast is not an acceptable choice for a kindergartner. Last time we chatted, we brainstormed a few strategies for dealing with what your kids eat when they’re away from home. But a strategy is no good if it doesn’t apply …

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