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174,203 Ways to Measure Health (Besides the Scale)

It’s hard to find hard-and-fast statistics on this one, but we’re pretty sure that most U.S. households have at least one bathroom scale. One Canadian study reports that 40% of people weigh themselves daily, and another reports that a full 75% of regular scale users are women. That’s millions of bare feet stepping cautiously onto […]

The Trouble With Points

We’ve got more than 120 fitness facilities all across the world partnering with us and our Whole30 program as part of their commitment to good nutrition. We love hearing their success stories – members who are performing better, sleeping better, feeling happier, and reducing their symptoms of any number of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions within […]

The Language of Food

Since 2009, our Whole30 program has helped you change your relationship with food. In Food Freedom Forever, we help you redefine the way you think about your “diet” and your relationship with food. Today, we ask you to take an honest look at one more aspect of your life-changing transformation: Your vocabulary. Good, Bad, and Morality […]

Change Your Habits, Part 2: Willpower

 “I can resist everything except temptation.” –Oscar Wilde Willpower (or “self-control”) is what people use to restrain their desires and impulses. More precisely, Roy F. Baumeister andJohn Tierney, authors of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, define willpower as “the capacity to override one response (and substitute another).” You may think of willpower as an […]

Change Your Habits, Part 1: The Cue

Today’s post comes as a result of the habit research we’ve been doing for It Starts With Food, and a plea for help on our Whole30 Facebook page. Tamra, a valued and longstanding member of our Whole30 community, wrote: “I am having such a hard time riding my own bike! I keep falling off onto […]

The Official End to my Whole30, by Camilla N.

Today’s guest post (a follow-up to Monday’s article, “Is your Whole30 Unhealthy?”) was written by Camilla N, who blogs at We encourage you to leave your thoughts and own experiences in comments. Camilla’s Story “Stop.  Before you assume I went on a McFlurry-bender before I wrote this, just stop.  Stop. Judging.  Right.  Now. Up […]

Whole30 101: Sex With Your Pants On

Since the creation of our Whole30 program in April 2009, we’ve cautioned against the Paleo-ification of poor food choices. In fact, this concept has been one of the cornerstones of the program, specifically requiring the elimination of Paleo brownies, pizza and pancakes for the duration of your Whole30. […]