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A Guide to Whole30 Facebook Support Groups

Last Monday’s Dear Melissa responded to a woman who was feeling less than supported by her Facebook Whole30 support group. If you haven’t caught up on that one yet, go ahead… we’ll wait. As a follow-up to that article, today we’ll offer some guidance for Whole30 support group administrators, and help those of you looking […]

Dear Melissa: Where’s the Support in my Whole30 Support Group?

Welcome to Dear Melissa, where I answer your questions about transitioning into or completing a Whole30, successfully sticking to your new healthy habits, and figuring out how to make this lifestyle work in the real world. Today, I’m talking to a woman who relied on a Facebook Whole30 support group for help, and was left feeling out […]

How NOT to Win Friends and Influence Whole30

It’s your first Whole30, and you’re following our “getting started” recommendations perfectly, especially Step 3—going public. You’ve told your friends, family, co-workers, and all the baristas at your favorite coffee place that you’re doing the Whole30. You tried to recruit someone to do it with you, but no one was quite brave enough yet. But […]

Just another Thursday

by Whole30 co-founder Melissa Hartwig, who doesn’t understand why a perfectly good sweet potato needs marshmallows anyway Last Thursday was U.S. Thanksgiving,  a family and food-centric celebration kicking off what is generally known as “the holiday season.” Earlier in the week, my social media feeds were full of articles from all the big national outlets detailing their […]

Dear Melissa: Talking Whole30 with Friends and Family

Dear Melissa, Since completing a Whole30 in January 2013, I have been eating a (mostly) Whole30-inspired diet and have never felt better. My family and friends have noticed a difference and are always curious about my eating habits; however, I’m not sure the best way to lead them in the right direction without sounding self-righteous. […]

Public Service Announcement: Whole30 Support Groups

While cruising Facebook recently, we stumbled across a “Whole30 Challenge” group with more than 6,000 members. The Facebook cover photo was one we created, with our official logo and branding. Nowhere did it mention that the group wasn’t officially sanctioned or run by Whole9 or the official Whole30 program–in fact, it looked a lot like […]

It’s Not Me – It’s You

Part 2 of this special 2-part series Last week in Part 1, we gave you five reasons why friends and family may be unsupportive (or downright sabotaging) of your health and fitness pursuits. Today, we’re going to tell you what to do about it. In the original story, a Paleo-eating girl faced serious peer-pressure (in […]

With Friends Like These…

Part 1 of a special 2-part series Last summer, we were at breakfast in San Diego at one of our favorite restaurants – The Mission. While we did not indulge in their famous French toast on that trip, the table of four women next to us were sharing one large portion. All but one of the […]