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45 Days of Awesome: Kyle’s Success Story

There are many, many stories of Whole success on our site, but the majority come from women. We know plenty of men have amazing Whole30 transformations too, but they’re perhaps less likely to publicly share their struggles with a dysfunctional relationship with food, emotional eating, and body image. The thing is, these..."A number on a scale is meaningless to me when I’m fitting into old clothes, full of energy all day, and feeling lighter inside and out."

The Whole30 and Myasthenia Gravis: Laura’s Story

Since the Whole30 program was first created in 2009, we’ve read hundreds (if not thousands) of your success stories. They all touch our hearts, and fill us with gratitude that we’re allowed to be a part of your deeply personal journeys. We’ve heard stories that make us laugh and make...

The Whole30 and Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Sandena’s Story

Meet Sandena Neely: founder of Watch Your Mouth Bahamas, dynamic personality, and incredible Whole30 success story turned Whole30 ambassador in her local community. Through the Whole30, Sandena discovered the foods that triggered her hidradenitis suppurativa (also known as acne inversa; a painful, debilitating, inflammatory skin condition), and reclaimed  her health, self-confidence,...

The Whole30 and Multiple Sclerosis: Karen S.’s story

Karen shared a little of her story with us on the Whole30 Instagram feed, and we were so inspired by her commitment to her health and her family that we had to hear more. We are so proud have played a role in her journey back to an active and healthy life...

The Whole30 and Transverse Myelitis: Olivia’s Story

We read success stories from Whole30 participants every day. Each one of them moves us, and makes us thankful for the opportunity to help so many people change their lives.  But the story from Olivia W. in the United Kingdom left us awestruck. We teared up, then got goose bumps, then teared up again,...

Whole30 Success Story: Meet 16-year-old Katie S.

When we heard Katie's story, we knew we had to share it. Her passion and enthusiasm shine through in her words. Her honesty will break your heart. We fell in love with this brave, tenacious, bubbly teen, and we know that her story will inspire those of you still in...

Whole30 and Weight Loss: Katie K.’s Story

Sometimes, we are completely astounded by the stories our Whole30 Program participants send us. Today, we’re featuring Katie K. from Davenport, IA, who used the Whole30 Program to lose more than 100 pounds and gain the energy and confidence to live live to its fullest. Katie’s Story “I had a...
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A Vegetarian Whole30: Laurice’s Story

Laurice Brewer, a vegetarian from Long Beach, CA, first appeared on our social media radar in April 2014. We saw her posting about her Whole30 experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using a hashtag we hadn’t seen much—#vegetarianwhole30.  While we provide resources on our website and in It Starts With...Doing the Whole30 program as a vegetarian or vegan: an interview with Laurice.
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