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It’s Not the Whole10: Some Whole30 Tough Love

Today’s tough love inspiration came through in a Dear Melissa submission from a woman on the East Coast, but it’s the same kind of message I’ve been sent countless times, from countless people. I’ll amalgamate all of their emails, posts, and tweets into one general concept:  “I’m on Day 8/10/14 of the Whole30, and it’s […]

How To Do The Perfect* Whole30

*The answer is, it doesn’t exist. Read on, please. The Whole30 is in full swing, with thousands of you in the middle of your program, and just as many thinking about starting. We read each and every post on our social media feeds and the Whole30 Forum: “Day 12 and I’m passing by the office […]

5 Reasons to Break Up With Your Scale

We work hard to present our Whole30 program as a self-experiment in the pursuit of optimal health, not a quick-fix weight-loss diet. We have policies about weighing yourself during your program (you can’t) and focusing on weight loss as a measure of Whole30 success (you shouldn’t). But despite all our efforts, many people still find it […]

174,203 Ways to Measure Health (Besides the Scale)

It’s hard to find hard-and-fast statistics on this one, but we’re pretty sure that most U.S. households have at least one bathroom scale. One Canadian study reports that 40% of people weigh themselves daily, and another reports that a full 75% of regular scale users are women. That’s millions of bare feet stepping cautiously onto […]