Dear Melissa: My Sugar Dragon is Still Breathing Fire

Are you nearing the end of your Whole30 and still struggling with a raging Sugar Dragon? Melissa outlines her best strategies as she helps a woman struggling with the end of her Whole30, faced with a Sugar Dragon still breathing fire. If you’re still dreaming of pizza and ice cream near the end of your program, this is the post for you.

Dear Melissa Replay: Can You Do the Whole30 Forever?

Can you do Whole30 for the rest of your life? This is one of the most popular questions we receive, and one of the most important topics to fully understand as you take what you learn during a Whole30 reset and turn it into a sustainable lifestyle. Read Melissa’s two-part answer on the blog.

Dear Melissa: Should I Break Up With Fruit?

In this Dear Melissa, we’re talking to a woman who is concerned that she’s too dependent on fruit during her Whole30. While there is nothing wrong with eating fruit—even lots of fruit in a day, if you are eating fruit in an out-of-control manner and eating more than you intend, that’s not a healthy place to be with any food—even healthy foods like fruit.

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