January Whole30 Events

Celebrate Cooking Whole30 with us! Usually, Melissa would go on a book tour in January, visiting you in your hometown. This year, we’re taking the book tour virtual, hosting free online events that dive deeper into the work and collaboration that went into this project.

Need a copy of Cooking Whole30 of your very own? Melissa’s local neighborhood bookstore The King’s English copies in stock, and you can request a signed bookplate with your copy.

Order your copy by calling The King’s English at 801-484-9100 or visiting kingsenglish.com.

Click here to learn more about Cooking Whole30.

Wednesday, 1/27 | 8 PM EST: Melissa Urban with recipe contributors Abeer Najjar, Brad VanDyke, Erica Nkansah, Jean Choi and Jessica McMullen

Meet the recipe creatives behind the 10 new recipes in Cooking Whole30: Abeer Najjar, Brad VanDyke, Erica Nkansah,  Jean Choi and Jessica McMullen. Melissa Urban will host a panel discussion among these five creatives, as they discuss their work, sources of inspiration, and the specific recipes that they created for the Cooking Whole30 project.

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