To show our appreciation for your support of this new book, and to help you transition gracefully out of your #SeptemberWhole30 into your food freedom journey, we’re giving you an insider’s peek into what food freedom means to author Melissa Urban, during a group discussion of health, habits, and relationship with food.

This invite-only event was filmed in Salt Lake City in early August, and features three portions of a 90-minute discussion between Melissa and 25 Whole30’ers talking about their health goals, challenges, and best strategies for creating and rocking their own versions of food freedom. You’ll also get an insider peek into the chapters of Food Freedom Forever, as Melissa shares some of the tips she wrote about with the group. Whether you’re just winding down your Whole30 or needing some “life after” inspiration, we hope this video will motivate you to change your life through this radical 3-step approach.

Watch the video, then watch your mailbox, because the Food Freedom Forever release date (October 4th) is coming up fast! Share your enthusiasm with the Whole30 community on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter about Melissa’s new book, and make sure you’re signed up for our free newsletter, Wholesome, for even more book previews and sneak peeks.

NOTE: These videos are only available to those who have pre-ordered Melissa’s new book, Food Freedom Forever. To gain access, forward your pre-order receipt to [email protected] and we’ll reply with the password.

Video 1: What is Food Freedom?

Video 2: A New Food Freedom Pattern

Video 3: Experimenting with your Food Freedom

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