Whole30 and Body Love

As our thoughts on bodies and food have become more expansive, so have our hopes for our community. Here are ways we celebrate community members who feel more joy and confidence in their bodies after the Whole30. Read more about Whole30 and body love.

Non-Scale Victories from our Community

Celebrating non-scale victories (NSVs) has always been a cornerstone of the Whole30 program. Now we want to highlight and celebrate some of the NSVs our community shares with us on a daily basis.

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories

Celebrating non-scale victories has always been a cornerstone of the Whole30 program. NSVs are how we honor all of the amazing ways that you transform your life during the program. Read on to hear more about why we celebrate NSVs.

Yoga for Mental Health and Digestion

It’s very common for our digestive health to mirror our mental health. Yoga can be a helpful tool to aid mental health and digestion. Learn five yoga poses for digestive health from Liilu Hansen and an eating meditation from Cynthu Muthusamy.

COVID-19 Symptoms Vs Whole30

The first week of your Whole30 may bring lethargy, crankiness and headaches. That’s normal—but during a pandemic, it might feel scary to feel any symptoms that are different from your norm. Here’s what to look out for, from Melissa Urban and Rick Henriksen, MD.

How to Stay Whole30 Compatible at a Work Conference

Whole30 success while attending a work conference: it’s possible! Public Relations professional and Whole30’er Samantha Chalmers shares three tips for staying Whole30 compatible at a work conference.

Get Comfy: Five Strategies for Navigating Discomfort During Your Whole30

By Whole30 Certified Coach Natalie Ohanessian of soul-bite Whether you’re a seasoned Whole30-er or a Whole30 newbie tackling the program for the very first time, it’s safe to say that you might have a few rough days during the first week or two of your program. The Whole30 timeline beautifully outlines what you may experience …

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