Employment Opportunities at Whole30

Overt inclusion in our hiring practices is critical to our diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice commitments, as well as to our organization’s and larger community’s survival as a whole. The creation and maintenance of a diverse work environment directly impacts our ability to adapt to rapidly changing social and digital landscapes, and allows for a variety of fresh takes given perspectives, experiences, culture, gender, and age, which ultimately helps Whole30 perform and serve our communities better.

We strongly encourage applications from a variety of historically and socially marginalized backgrounds – including Black women, all people of color, LGBTQ+, and working class individuals.

All positions are remote and candidates must be based in the United States to apply. We are not able to consider candidates who do not complete all required application steps. Please ensure you submit resume, cover letter, and complete WedgeHR Pre-Screen video interviews.

Creators: Collaborate with Whole30

  • At Whole30, we value working with creators from within our community! We also love to expand our network and establish connections with talented people who want to share their creative expertise with our Whole30 community. If you’re a creator and would like to be considered for future contract projects with Whole30, click here to fill out a simple Google form. We’re particularly looking for copywriters, recipe creatives, food and lifestyle photographers, and Reels/TikTok creatives, but we often have opportunities for other creators as well! If you’re a good fit for an upcoming project, we’ll get in touch.