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In 2009, I started blogging about a self-designed dietary experiment I was doing. I had more energy, I slept better, I was happier, I no longer needed something sweet to finish a meal, and for the first time in my life, I was able to get off the scale and out of the mirror. In short, it was life changing. My blog readers wanted to get in on the magic, and asked me for the program rules.

That’s how The Whole30 was born.

Since then, millions of people have transformed their health, habits, and relationship with food through the Whole30 program; eliminating cravings, improving energy and sleep, relieving symptoms, and discovering lasting food freedom. And you can too!

Choose this as the centerpiece of your self-care practices. Create a solid food foundation, and watch that capacity and confidence spill over into other areas of your life.

Need support? We offer two levels of daily encouragement and accountability. Subscribe to our daily text messages to get two daily check-ins from me during your Whole30. Or, join one of our Whole30 Coaching groups (or work individually with a Coach) for personalized support and community.

The July Whole30 starts on Monday, July 6. Join us. We’ve got you.

Melissa Urban
Co-Founder & CEO

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