Snacks can be an important part of your day. Eating plant-based snacks that are whole, nutritious foods can help give you a boost of energy between meals, especially when your blood-glucose levels start to drop. Adding healthy snacks into your day may also help reduce overeating at meal times and at night.

Choosing the right snack is important. That’s because we’ve all had those snacks that leave us feeling hungry shortly after. Every person is different, so snacking might not look the same for everyone. However, all snacks should leave you feeling energized—not hungry or sleepy.

To achieve this, there is a gold standard to picking your snacks. This standard—which you’ll learn about shortly—helps ensure that you feel full for longer and also get a good boost of nutrients, too.

How to make satisfying plant-based snacks

Making plant-based snacks is similar to any other eating pattern. You want to ensure your snack always has at least two macronutrients. Protein + carbohydrate OR protein + fat OR fat+ protein.  

Here’s a quick refresher on the three major macronutrients that make up these plant-based-snacking equations.

Protein (like beans and legumes): promote a feeling of fullness and can also help keep your blood-sugar levels stabilized. 

Fats (like nut butter and seeds): digest slowly, so they can also create a feeling of fullness. Some fats also have omega-3’s to support brain health.

Carbohydrates (like fruits): full of micronutrients and fiber, which can help keep you feeling full and support good gut health.

Having a combination of two of these macronutrients can elevate your snack into nutritionally balanced options. You can use these simple formulas to avoid getting bored with snacks by simply picking from your desired two groups and creating almost endless new combinations.

Plant-Based Whole30 snack ideas

Like meals, you should plan and prep your snacks, too. Without planning for snacks, you may be left reaching for options that aren’t ideal. Keeping chopped vegetables, fresh fruit, and dips in the fridge can help you find an easy plant-based snack.

What are easy plant-based snacks?

Easy snacks are ones that can be prepared in 5 minutes or less. Here are some plant-based snack ideas that require little to no preparation. Include them on your menu of Plant-Based Whole30 snacks.

  • Apple + nut butter 
  • SeaSnax + cucumber + carrots
  • Pumpkin seeds + sliced banana 
  • Vegetable sticks + hummus
  • Chopped fresh fruit + pistachios 
  • Bell peppers + hummus 
  • Sweet potato slice + avocado on top
  • Roasted cauliflower + salsa dip
  • Celery + almond butter + sunflower seeds

Higher protein plant-based snacks

If you need a protein boost to reach your daily goals, you have some great snack options. The following options focus on plant-based proteins, like beans, tofu, nuts, and seeds.

  • Roasted chickpeas (add a spice rub for different flavors, too!)
  • Greek-inspired tofu dip + veggies 
  • Homemade trail mix (almonds, cashews, and dried fruit)
  • Protein smoothie 
  • Chia pudding 
  • Chickpea fries
  • Edamame + red pepper flakes

Plant-based snacking tips to try today

Use these tips to make snacking during your Plant-Based Whole30 even easier. Some tips may seem like a small thing to do, but with little time or energy during a busy week, these can be a lifesaver. 

Remember, planning ahead before you run into snacking trouble can be really helpful to keep yourself on track. So try out a few of these tips today:

  • On the go: You can’t eat what’s still in your fridge at home, so carry snacks when you’re out and about. Even if you don’t think you need them, it’s a good idea to pack a few good options just in case. You never know when you might find yourself stuck somewhere or spending more time than you thought on errands. Being in a situation with no quality food options is never ideal. 
  • Fresh veggies: Wash, peel, and slice your fresh veggies ahead of time. This makes snacking on them as easy as reaching into a bag of chips. 
  • Fresh berries: Washing your berries beforehand may leave them mushy and prone to molding sooner. To ensure the water is removed, try placing your berries in a salad spinner to remove the excess moisture. 
  • Apples: If you’re packing a snack with apples, keep your apple slices looking nice by adding a spray of lemon or lime juice to prevent browning.
  • A pro tip for picking healthy snacks: Choose a clear glass container when storing food options. The clear glass allows you to peek right through and see all the healthy options you have available.

Choosing to eat plant-based snacks shouldn’t make you feel like there are no options. As you’ve seen, there are still many great choices to satisfy your hunger—whether that’s ease, portability, or extra protein. Now you have the tools to start planning and prepping your own plant-based snacks. Explore, experiment, and find which foods you enjoy eating. Then you can place those into your snacking rotation.

Rhyan Geiger

Rhyan is a registered dietitian and two-time vegan author who specializes in vegan nutrition. She is the owner of Phoenix Vegan Dietitian where she helps others easily transition to vegan living. She has many years of experience in vegan nutrition and believes in positively impacting the world one bite at a time. Rhyan is an expert in this field and has been featured in many media outlets including Women’s Health and Business Insider. You can connect with her at or on Instagram @phxvegandietitian.