We encourage you to stay social during your Plant-Based Whole30 elimination and reintroduction. Some of the biggest Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) happen when you successfully hold your boundaries around food, alcohol, and “diet” talk, learning to say no gracefully while keeping the conversation flowing. It’s also incredibly powerful to embrace the idea that you can celebrate just as joyfully and honor important traditions without a slice of cake or glass of champagne.

While you may not be eating cake or drinking champagne, social gatherings on the Plant-Based Whole30 can still be delicious, fun, and full of your favorite foods. In fact, we’re going to prove it with this delicious, 100% compatible menu for Super Bowl Sunday (or any game-day gathering).

Tips for a tasty celebration

Super Bowl parties usually feature buffalo wings, chili, chips-and-dip, and jalapeno poppers. Our versions of traditional party fare play on these themes while highlighting the legumes, veggies, fruit, and delicious dressings and sauces you’ve been eating on the Plant-Based Whole30. 

But first, here are a few tips for watching the big game Whole30-style, whether you’re planning your own party or attending someone else’s gathering.

  • If you’re in the middle of your Plant-Based Whole30 elimination, don’t sweat! Every dish we’ll share here is compatible with this phase of the program. Just have some sparkling water, Humm Kombucha, or sugar-free mocktails on hand, so you’ll also have something festive to drink.
  • If you’re in Whole30 reintroduction, consider planning one of your reintroduction days on the day of the big game. This will allow you to enjoy one food group of your choosing during the party (like dairy or alcohol) while keeping the rest of your ingredients Plant-Based Whole30 compatible.
  • If you’re attending someone else’s party, bring at least one compatible dish rich in protein. This will ensure you have something satiating to eat, even if the rest of the food isn’t compatible. 
  • If you know the drinking (and perhaps the peer pressure) will get more intense as the game goes on, set the expectation that you may leave early. This gives you an out in case the environment becomes uncomfortable.

Finally, if you’re making a Plant-Based Whole30 dish for someone else’s party, bring extra! You may be surprised at how many people will appreciate a zero-proof beverage, veggie-forward dish, or gluten-free option.

Plant-Based Whole30 Super Bowl recipes

Here are some of our favorite Plant-Based Whole30 recipes perfect for any Super Bowl gathering. You don’t even have to tell them it’s vegan, or Whole30! With food this good, the only thing your fellow party guests will say is, “This is delicious. Can I have the recipe?”

Sweet potato and black bean burger bites, from Pesto and Potatoes

These burger bites are the perfect appetizer for any crowd and have enough protein to make them your main course. Serve them with Plant-Based Whole30 compatible ketchup, mustard, and a pickle slice; or create a “burger bar” with a variety of toppings, like pickled red onion, vegan garlic aioli, roasted red peppers, and Kalamata olives.


Sweet potato chili, from Pesto and Potatoes

Chili is quintessential Super Bowl fare. This version uses Whole30 Approved Abbott’s Butcher ground “beef” and kidney beans to create a hearty, flavorful, one-pot dish. (If you can’t find Abbott’s Butcher products in your local grocery store, add black beans and/or compatible mushroom crumbles to keep your chili protein-rich and filling.)


Tofu frittata, from Whole30

A frittata may not be traditional game-day fare, but who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? This recipe is easy to make ahead, can be eaten warm or cold, and uses whatever veggies you happen to have on hand. It’s light, rich in protein, and makes the perfect compliment to heartier dishes like chili.


White bean and mushroom meatballs, from Whole30

Meatballs are the perfect party food. Our version blends protein-rich white beans with umami-packed mushrooms for a hearty, delicious snack. Skip the butternut squash noodles for game day, but do pair these meatballs with your favorite Plant-Based compatible marinara sauce for dipping. (Don’t forget the toothpicks.)

https://whole30.com/plant-based/recipes/white-bean-mushroom-meatballs/ (just the meatballs)

Cauliflower buffalo bites, from The Real Food Dietitians

You can still have that buffalo flavor on the Plant-Based Whole30! This delicious side dish uses cauliflower as a base, and lets you customize your level of desired spice. Just sub the ghee with coconut oil or a Plant-Based Whole30 compatible “ghee” or “butter,” and serve with your favorite Plant-Based Whole30 ranch.


Jalapeño poppers, from Kite Hill

These poppers feature broiled jalapeños, a hint of date to compliment the spice, and a creamy blend of Whole30 Approved almond-based cream cheese, spices, and “nooch” (nutritional yeast) for extra umami. Double (or triple) this recipe because these will go fast!


Oven-roasted crispy potatoes, from I Heart Umami

Fries are a popular Super Bowl food, but you can elevate game day with this simple but delicious side. These are great to make if you’re hosting, as you can bake them in batches and bring them out crisp and hot. Serve with a Plant-Based Whole30 compatible ranch, ketchup, or sour cream.


7-layer dip, from Whole30

This is as traditional Super Bowl fare as you’ll find—and it’s perfectly Plant-Based Whole30 compatible. Layers of delicious guacamole, salsa, refried beans, and vegan cream cheese (plus assorted toppings, like olives, lettuce, and jalapeños) make for a hearty, creamy, thick dip. Mix and match ingredients to your liking, and serve with raw veggies or thinly sliced pan-fried tostones.

https://whole30.com/plant-based/recipes/plant-based-whole30-7-layer-dip/ (with veggies)

Greek-inspired tofu dip, from Whole30 

This high-protein hummus and tofu dip features a delicious mix of veggies and tart lemon, and can be scooped with thick-sliced cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, or carrots (or tortilla chips, for guests not doing the Whole30). Pro tip: Use silken tofu for a creamier dip, or keep it thick and chunky with crumbled super-firm tofu. 


Go, (your team)!

Whether you’re in the middle of Whole30 elimination, working your reintroduction plan, or enjoying your food freedom, these Plant-Based Whole30 dishes are perfect for any gathering. Share your Super Bowl (or other party) fare with us by tagging #PlantBasedWhole30 and @pbwhole30 on Instagram!

Melissa Urban

Co-Founder / CEO

Melissa Urban is a 7x New York Times bestselling author (including the #1 bestselling The Whole30) who specializes in helping people establish healthy boundaries and successfully navigate habit change. She has been featured by the New York Times, People, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, and is a prominent keynote speaker on boundaries, building community, health trends, and entrepreneurship. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband, son, and a poodle named Henry.