Steal This Meal: Whole Life Eating

This week’s STM feature isn’t just one meal… it’s an entire web site dedicated to fresh, delicious, Whole30-approved recipes so you can steal a week’s worth of meals!  Tom Denham of CrossFit North Fulton contributed his first STM (stewed tilapia) back in September.  He wrote to me a few weeks later, describing how his recipe creations had unexpectedly taken off.  Tom wrote:

“I kinda went crazy with the recipe thing. I was telling the publisher of my local newspaper about the Stewed Tilapia. He asked for the recipe for his wife and then asked me for three recipes to publish. I went ahead and started a website – It’s kinda fun. Whenever you need a recipe, I’ve got one ready to go.”

Tom’s been busy this month, filling the pages of Whole Life Eating with gorgeous stews, soups and other fall dishes. Check out the latest – beef and Brussels sprouts stew – on his new site, Whole Life Eating. And check out a recount of Tom’s awesome Whole30 experience on our new Testimonials page!

A hearty stew for a cool fall night, thanks to Whole Life Eating.

Got a delicious, simple list of ingredients for our next Friday recipe feature? Send your Steal This Meal entry (along with photos and YOUR Whole30-inspired story!) to [email protected] And if you’re looking for more delicious recipe ideas from Whole9 and our readers, just select “Recipes” from the category list on our sidebar!