This post is a call to arms for those of you who have already completed the full Whole30. We want you to testify here and now to the changes, effects and improvements you have personally experienced because of this program.  We want specifics – weight lost, sleep quality regained, energy levels restored, and most importantly… health conditions improved.  Share your experience for all the new Whole30 participants to read.  Testify, make yourself heard, and provide that extra motivation for those who may still be on the fence.

This post is a call to action for those of you who are still contemplating whether to take us on. Ready to make some changes, but not sure you can follow through with the full 30 days?  Unhappy with your body composition, energy levels, gym performance or physical health, but still not sold on whether the Whole30 program will actually work?  THIS POST IS FOR YOU.  Read.  Believe.  And join us.

This post is a place for you to brag, boast and show yourself off. Made some changes after you attended one of our workshops? Experienced improvements in performance, energy levels, body composition or quality of life after our personal consulting package? Read something on our blog that made you stand up, take notice and make some improvements to your health and fitness? Sound off and make yourself heard.