Whole30 Success Story: Mike L. Spreads the Whole30 Word

This post is part of our ongoing Whole30 success stories series. To submit your own Whole30 success story, contact [email protected] Today, we’re introducing you to Mike L. After experiencing incredible non-scale victories, reversing health conditions and losing weight on the Whole30, Mike was so convinced of the efficacy of the program that he turned his …

Whole30 Success Story: Bailey Works the Night Shift (Part Three)

This is the third post in a series from Bailey Ryan of Bailey is a Whole30’er who changed her life and experienced tons of non-scale victories (and significant weight loss), all while working 12-hour, overnight nursing shifts. In this series, she’ll share her story and the strategies that helped her succeed with Whole30 and …

Whole30 Success Story: Tori Balances Health and Travel

Tori is a flight attendant and a Whole30’er who has embraced her Food Freedom, supporting and maintaining her healthy habits even when she’s traveling regularly for her job. Her secret to success: prep, planning, and determination. If you’re trying to figure out how to make Whole30 eating work while traveling, take encouragement from Tori’s story.

Whole30 Success Story: Michelle Fuels her Ironman Training

Michelle is a triathlon athlete who has competed in IRONMAN races all over the country and is currently training to compete internationally, representing Team USA in the ITU World Triathlon in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She’s also a Whole30’er who experienced fantastic non-scale victories; addressed several health concerns; and successfully trained for races during her Whole30 reset. When we heard from her a few months ago we knew we had to share her story.

A Tale of Two Newbies: Finding Whole30 Success with Real Plans

In late August, we launched our Whole30 meal planner with Real Plans. Over the past four months, the Whole30 community response has been overwhelmingly positive. Like, even we were surprised at how much YOU LOVE REAL PLANS, even though we totally know how incredible their program is. For many, the planner was exactly the tool they needed …

Lauren Claims her Non-Scale Victories: A Whole30 Success Story

Here at Whole30 HQ, we prefer to celebrate non-scale victories over weight loss when we share Whole30 success stories. When Lauren sent her fantastic list of her four non-scale victories to us, coupled with her emotional and brave journey to food freedom, we knew we had to share it with our community. Be sure to click through and read which four non-scale victories resonated with her most – her story is truly inspiring.

Grace, Deliberate Decisions, and Healthy Habits: Annie’s #MyFoodFreedom Story

Annie of the Epicure Annie Instagram account has been an active member of the Whole30 community since 2015. After experiencing significant weight loss, Annie bravely worked on developing a mindful, gracious approach toward eating. This mentality, plus her commitment to the healthy habits that she learned through her Whole30 experience, is the foundation of her food freedom.

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