Todd with excited facial expression

Todd R.

Moweaqua, Illinois

I’m a self-proclaimed “beer drinking lumberjack.” I indulged in just about everything: pizza, chips, beer, late night snacking. My wife recently gave birth to twin girls (adding to the other two girls we already have). During our first three months with them, I entertained myself with food.

It felt like my wife and I were always busy feeding the twins. When they went to bed, I finally had a little time to myself. I would stay up late to take advantage of the alone time, but that usually meant a bad binge for me.

My clothes were getting tighter and I was feeling constantly bloated; something needed to change. A couple of my co-workers mentioned they had some success with the Whole30 program so I thought I would give it a try.

Day 4-6 and 17-19 were awful for me. I was cranky and needed a cheese burger and a cold beer. But, I toughed it out; and I’m so glad I did. It was such a great mental challenge for myself.

It helped me discipline myself and improve my behavior around food. I’ve been done for about ten days. I’ve brought some things back in (beans, beer, and some dairy), but I’ve stayed away from flour-based products and I feel much better.

All of my shirts now feel like they’re a size too big, and my watch and belt feel too big, as well. Thanks Whole30!