Pamela Cropped

Pamela G.

Before I did the Whole30 Food Freedom group with my Whole30 Certified Coach Judith Forman I was afraid to walk in Food Freedom. I didn’t know how to manage without the clear boundaries of Whole30. But with Judith’s help, and the encouragement of the group, I succeeded.

Thanks to Judith’s coaching, I feel prepared to make this a lifestyle of healthy eating. I’ve realized that Food Freedom means freedom to make my own choices about food, beyond the black and white rules of the Whole30.

I’m no longer afraid of trying and failing. If I “fail”, then I make a note of it and move on to another choice. Eating something “not worth it” no longer makes me feel guilty, but makes me assess the situation, regroup, and try again. Food I delight in no longer is “forbidden” but chosen, if it’s worth it for the moment. I’ve learned how to not get derailed by food choices that don’t work out so well.

Going into the group, I wondered whether it was worthwhile. Was it going to be just another Facebook group? Judith gives LOTS of tips and advice. She was really there for me as I practiced my Food Freedom. The community comments from others in the group will be worth going back to and re-reading as I move forward into the summer walking in successful Food Freedom! Thanks so very much Judith!

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