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I no longer look upon food as an enemy or a weapon.

I’ve worked hard for most of my life to achieve and maintain both a healthy body weight and a healthy relationship with food. I’ve tried everything, but I’ve had little success achieving lasting results.

In February 2018, I found Whole30 Certified Coach Teri Riley. I was struck by the fact that Teri made no promises of radical weight loss and massive body changes in some ridiculously short time period. So, I went online and did some research on this Whole30 program as I had never heard of it before.

The dietary principles of Whole30 struck a chord with me, so I gave it a try. After I completed my first Whole30, I realized it actually works. And, there was an added benefit of discovering a community of like-minded people determined to have a say in, and take back control of, their dietary choices.

Teri is an empathetic and knowledgeable Coach. She is a large part of my Whole30 success with her constant stream of new and interesting information; heads-up about recipes, new authors, and articles; grocery ad specials for compatible foods; and of course, her advanced cyber hand-holding skills.

My number one non-scale victory is that I no longer fear food. I no longer look upon food as an enemy or a weapon. I know now that if I get “off-track” during my food freedom, it is not going to result in my regaining all the weight back. I am in control now; no longer do I allow food to control me. I also have a refuge from the near constant GI upset I can remember having all my life. I call it: Complianceville.

Whole30 has been successful for me. I’ve met new people and made new friends. I’ve found a solid and reliable support system to help me as I work to make these changes permanent. I’ve achieved my weight loss goals and I find it easy to maintain all of these victories, as long as I stick to a “Whole30-ish” style of eating.

But… if I find myself sliding back into old habits, I know just what to do! Thank you Teri, and to all of you, my Whole30 community and friends.

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Published by Nuala

Danielle Nuala Schoen (Nuala), lives amongst community in the mountains of western North Carolina. She is a massage therapist (LMBT) and RYT-200 yoga instructor with a background in social work. Nuala is passionate about redefining health and wellness in order to center the self-determination and self-actualization of each unique individual, and thereby, the actualization of the collective.Nuala enjoys ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, creek dips, travel, and sharing Whole30 meals with her loved ones.