Shannon and son smiling and posing in front of flower mural

Shannon L.

I noticed a drastic shift in my mindset.

I was recently diagnosed with severe anxiety and moderate depression. My doctor wanted me to make lifestyle changes to reduce the symptoms I was experiencing (migraines, sleeplessness, constant fatigue, etc.). She suggested things like cutting back on caffeine and increasing exercise, and adjusting my diet.⠀

Based on her recommendations, Whole30 seemed like a no brainer so I decided to give it a try. For once, I was using nutrition to address my health rather than weight loss, which I had obsessed about for many years.

Within the first week I saw noticeable changes in my mood, energy, and sleep. By the end of the program, not only had all of those things continued to improve, I also lost some much needed “fluff” and my skin improved. Most importantly, I noticed a drastic shift in my mindset.

When I saw my doctor for a follow up, she was very impressed with my weight loss in addition to most of my symptoms dissipating. I told her I recently finished a Whole30 and she was super happy about it.

She said she thought Whole30 was a great choice, as I was likely eating foods I was unknowingly allergic to, which could have been causing a lot of the symptoms I had been experiencing. She told me to continue doing what I had been doing because it was definitely benefiting me physically and mentally.

For years, I was making unhealthy choices out of sheer habit. Now, I’m able to make more conscious decisions when selecting my meals because I know how certain foods will cause me to feel. After 30+ days of feeling amazing, I’m not willing to go back to mindlessly putting the wrong foods into my body. – Shannon