Whole30 Reference

Whole30 Reference
Your Reference for All Things Whole30

1. Download the Whole30 Wallpaper

I'm doing the Whole30

Announce your commitment on social, announce to your co-workers on Zoom, and call your friends and family to say, “I’m doing the Whole30!” Knowing people will be asking how your program is going will help you stay on track. On mobile, tap and hold on the wallpaper image and save on your device. On desktop, right click and choose “Set as Wallpaper” or a similar option.

2. Download our Whole30 Mindset Checklist


Cleaning out your pantry and planning meals is important, but even more so is your Whole30 mindset. Whether you’re new to the program or a returning alumni, these subtle shifts in thinking will set you up for major success, and keep you from sabotaging what could be a radically transformative Whole30 experience with a “weight loss diet” mentality.

3. Plan your Whole30 meals with Real Plans

Avocado prep with Real Plans app

Plan all of your Whole30 meals in just 5 minutes with Real Plans, our official Whole30 meal planning partner. Choose the number and type of meals to plan, adjust for preferences (like “no mushrooms” or “no shellfish,” prioritize using your favorite kitchen tools (like an air fryer or slow cooker), automatically include enough leftovers, and generate shopping lists and even order through Instacart automatically, all with a few clicks.

4. Stock your pantry at Thrive Market

Melissa Urban in kitchen with Thrive Market box

Join Thrive Market, a one-stop shop for all of your Whole30 necessities and pantry goods, plus household and personal care items, all at a discount and delivered straight to your doorstep. Thrive Market makes stocking up for your Whole30 effortless with our Whole30 Essentials list, plus you’ll find hundreds of Whole30 Approved and compatible products like bone broth, dressings and condiments, on-the-go snacks, and high-quality protein all in one place.

Whole30 Rules and FAQ

Download the Whole30 Rules

Download the Whole30 FAQ

On mobile, tap and hold on the image to save it.

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