COVID-19 Symptoms Vs Whole30

The first week of your Whole30 may bring lethargy, crankiness and headaches. That’s normal—but during a pandemic, it might feel scary to feel any symptoms that are different from your norm. Here’s what to look out for, from Melissa Urban and Rick Henriksen, MD.

Dear Melissa: It’s Day 21 of my Whole30 and I Haven’t Lost Weight

Looking for our philosophy on Whole30 and weight loss? Click here for a letter and more resources from Melissa Urban. Dear Melissa, I’m on Day 21 of my Whole30 and haven’t lost any weight yet, what gives? –Monica Dear Monica, Before I wrote Food Freedom Forever, I would have tough-loved you pretty aggressively. “It’s not …

Do I Really Have to Start My Whole30 Over? A Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies Perspective

This question comes up all the time—“I ate something off-plan during my Whole30. Do I really need to start over?” Today, we’ll tackle the nuances of this question, and throw in a little of that famous Whole30 tough love. The Whole30 program does require 30 days straight of 100% compliance, but if “because we said so” doesn’t suffice, we have four other reasons why we want to stick to your Whole30 with no slips, no cheats, and no special occasions.

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