MARCH 1-15, 2020

In a commitment to furthering social justice within the food and wellness industry through respect, care, and equity, Whole30 is committed to overt inclusion as a means of attending to and remaining conscious of the impact of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility, family status, marital status, religious or political conviction, pregnancy, age, body size and/or shape, and personal ability.

The Whole30 Certified Coach Program is pleased to further this work with the announcement of our third Whole30 Diversity Coaching Scholarship.

Since our last cohort of diversity scholarship recipients, we have deepened our intentionality around how and with whom we build. We’ve learned that in order to grow in connection with diverse communities in the most equitable ways possible, we need Whole30 Certified Coaches that not only understand, but represent and serve the breadth of the growing Whole30 community.

Are you a Whole30 expert already sharing our mission with your community? 

This is an opportunity for you to help pioneer our efforts to improve integration of frequently underrepresented and historically-marginalized populations in an impactful way.

From our CEO, Melissa Urban:

Since the inception of Whole30 in 2009, my dream has been that everyone who wants to experience the life-changing benefits of the Whole30 program would have access. To facilitate that, we’ve always made the entirety of the Whole30 program freely available.

However,  learning and growing with our community has taught us that financial inequities are not the only barriers to successfully completing a Whole30, or joining the Whole30 community.

Internally, our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are new and more comprehensive means of furthering my original dream. And I deeply believe our coaches are the ones to lead this charge.

We want to ensure everyone who wants to begin Whole30:

  • Feels welcomed, and sees themselves in our community
  • Knows their unique perspective, life experience, and priorities will be recognized and honored
  • Believes they will be treated with kindness, compassion, and respect; feels included and represented in our resources, social presence, and business practices
  • Internalizes the sense of belonging to, and further shaping and fully forming, a community and brand in which they can be proud.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Will you join us? – Melissa

To apply:

First, complete your application to our Whole30 Certified Coaching program at You MUST be accepted into the program to apply for a scholarship. If you have been accepted within the last 90 days, that acceptance is valid for your scholarship application. If your acceptance was more than 90 days ago, you must reapply and be accepted again.

Then, forward your acceptance email to [email protected], answering the following questions in the body of the email:

  • What population are you serving/do you intend to serve?
  • How will your Coaching practice help us further our mission to increase diversity and inclusion?
  • How do you plan to use your certification?
  • How will a Whole30 scholarship help you meet those goals?


Applications close on Sunday, March 15th at midnight EST. Winners will be contacted directly via email on on Monday, March 30.

For questions about the Whole30 Coach certification process, please review the FAQ at the bottom of the Coaching page. For questions about the scholarship, please email [email protected].