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Whole30 Approved® Partners

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True Made Food

Welcome to the Whole30 Approved® Program

Since 2009, the Whole30 program has helped millions of people change their habits and relationship with food. As the program continues to grow, due in part to our #1 New York Times best-seller The Whole30 (more than 1.6 million copies sold), so does the reputation and exposure of our licensed Whole30 Approved® partners.

The Whole30 Approved® label lets our community know that a product is 100% compatible with the rules of our program, and that the brand has been vetted by the Whole30 team. We feel confident all of our partner companies’ offerings, core values, and mission are in line with ours and those of our community.

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5 Million Strong

Tap into our community of over 5 million people across social media, web, and email.

795,000 Searches

Consumers are increasingly seeking healthy food options, and programs like Whole30 are trending up.

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Over 100 Top Brands

Be in good company with over 100 of the top consumer packaged goods brands.

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Work with our dedicated team of licensing and branded-content professionals.

Let our Partners speak for themselves


“As one of the early Whole30 Approved brands, Chomps has absolutely benefited from being a part of the program in many areas of our business. As the Whole30 community has grown exponentially over the years, so has Chomps’ sales and brand awareness. The affiliation has given us credibility that is invaluable, especially for an early-stage brand. It’s a differentiator in the CPG industry that not every brand can achieve and it’s that exclusivity that makes it so valuable. We’ve not only driven a lot of DTC sales via eComm to the Whole30 community, but we have had retailers specifically call out that they would like to carry our products because they are Whole30 Approved. I’ve also been able to convince some buyers to include Chomps on a Whole30 specific display in their store.”

Pete from Chomps

georgia grinders

“Nourishing our body with real foods designed to properly fuel it for optimal well-being looks different for everyone and evolves over time. Georgia Grinders is honored to be able to nourish and fuel lives of all ages with simple, nutritious nut butters that are loaded with plant-based protein and high-quality fats. We are grateful to be a longtime partner of Whole30’s, with direct access to consumers looking to educate themselves and improve their well-being through food and lifestyle changes.”

Jaime Foster

the new primal

“Our brand’s relationship with Whole30 has been a crucial factor in driving our growth. By partnering with Whole30 and their community, we have been able to expand our reach and build trust with new audiences, resulting in increased revenue and market share.”

The New Primal


“Our partnership with Whole30 has enabled Kite Hill to reach more health-focused flexitarians than ever before. In the busy space of the plant-based category, our Whole30 Approved messaging on pack and in ads immediately cuts through the noise and lets consumers know that they can trust our brand and our ingredients. The Whole30 Team also makes activations a joy to work on with prompt post-campaign results to gauge performance. We are beyond thrilled and so delighted to be a Whole30 Approved partner brand.”



“Humm was thrilled to introduce the first and only Whole30-compatible kombucha. We are proud to showcase the Whole30 logo prominently on the front of the can and the Whole30 partnership allowed us to expand our user base, significantly grow our eCommerce business, enabled new high-velocity distribution in key accounts including Sprouts, and work with new creators. We call that a win.”

Matt Witherell President and CEO, Humm Kombucha

Let’s talk details. See if your products and meals fit into our Whole30 Approved® requirements.

Whole30 Approved Products

Partner Product Guidelines

Learn more about our Whole30 Approved criteria for your CPG products.

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menu guidelines

Restaurant & Meal Delivery Guidelines

Learn more about our Whole30 Approved criteria for your restaurant, catering, or meal-delivery service.

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Animal Welfare Standards

Animal Welfare Standards

See our standards for products containing animal protein.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Whole30

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Whole30

Whole30 is a health and wellness company that thrives because of people’s fierce loyalty to our program and partners. We serve a community of more than 4 million combined fans and followers from incredibly diverse backgrounds, and work hard to ensure each and every one of them feel seen, heard, welcomed, and represented in our program.

As such, Whole30 incorporates our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into every aspect of our business, including the brands we choose to align with through our Whole30 Approved program. By becoming a Whole30 Approved partner, you demonstrate your commitment to these same values for your own customers and community, and a desire to create real impact in the food and wellness space.

View our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission Page for more information.


Whole30 Approved® trademark licensing costs are based on annual revenue and the number of compatible SKUs. Once your company’s application is reviewed and approved, we’ll send you the licensing cost details.
The yearly licensing fee will vary depending on your company’s last 12 months of revenue and the number of approved products. If these numbers change, you can accurately forecast based on our fee schedule.
Generally, within 1-2 weeks after acceptance into the program. The timeline can move more quickly or more slowly depending on how long it takes for us to receive required information and review the license agreement. We strive to move the process along quickly.
Whole30® and Whole30 Approved® are legally registered trademarks with the USPTO, and may not be used to promote, advertise, market, or sell your product or service without a license.
You can submit a new product to us for review at any time during your license period. Once approved, there is no additional fee to add a new product to your existing license. Fees are only reviewed during annual renewal periods.
The specific terms of the license will be provided upon acceptance into our program. The primary purpose of the licensing is for placement of our Whole30 Approved® logo on your product packaging, website, and marketing materials and long-term brand alignment.

Sponsorship opportunities vary depending on the time of the year and our initiatives at Whole30. Learn more about our Branded Content options during your application process with our Whole30 Approved Program Manager.

You will receive an email from our online portal with renewal information.
Yes, absolutely. We provide this documentation once the partnership is confirmed.

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