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Whole30 Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Meals, with Renaissance Periodization

Today’s, we’re answering your questions about Whole30 pre-workout and postworkout meals, and maximizing exercise performance and recovery on the Whole30, from Registered Dietitian Paul Salter of Renaissance Periodization Introduction It’s no longer a secret that cutting sugary carbs and getting away from grains has improved how you feel. Add that to […]

25 Creative Whole30 Date Night Ideas

by Whole30 Certified Coach Abby Arey One of my clients recently asked me for a list of Whole30 date night ideas that don’t involve going out to dinner. As I thought about it, I realized I needed that list as much as she did! Depending on where you live, dining […]

Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It—An Excerpt from Food Freedom Forever

This is an excerpt from Food Freedom Forever, with an intro from author and Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Hartwig Urban So often, people think of the Whole30 as the end-all, be-all… you do the Whole30 and finish with a graduation certificate, bragging rights, and a wheelbarrow full of #NSVs (non-scale victories). Which […]