Clarisa E.

My mom's blood pressure is now in the normal range.

My beautiful mom was sleeping horribly, had constant pain and swelling from arthritis and gout; and increased blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight gain. She is 75 years old and a traditional Vietnamese woman. Her cooking was full of sugar, fake ingredients, and sodium. Her doctor told her to cut back on rice.

We decided to cut the entire bowl of rice and try the Whole30. Here are her results: She sleeps soundly, and says she dreams of being home in Vietnam. (She never dreamed before!) Her blood pressure is now in the normal range, she’s seen a huge reduction in swelling and pain, and she seems so happy! Plus, she lost three pounds. Mom says, “This is just the way I eat now. It’s easy! I use the ingredients you give me to cook. I buy lots of veggies and make soup.” – Clarisa