Whole30 Approved® Animal Welfare Policy

Whole30 Approved® Animal Welfare Policy

Our Whole30 Approved® Animal Welfare Standards

The treatment of farm animals is important to Whole30 and is an essential part of the movement to improve our food system. To ensure good animal welfare practices are operational on farms and in supply chains, we have outlined minimum standards that must be met for all animal-protein-containing products under a Whole30 Approved® license agreement.

Whole30 Approved® Minimum Standards

Whole30 Approved products with animals in their supply chain abide by the minimal standards below:

  • No abusive handling or neglect
  • No confinement in cages (poultry), crates (pigs), individual hutches or continuous tethering/tie stalls (cattle)
  • Continuous pasture access or daily outdoor access
  • Protection from inclement weather and predators
  • Comfortable resting area for all animals
  • No feedlots (cattle)
  • Fed a diet that supports nutrition, satiation, and healthy body condition
  • No tail docking, ear notching, de-toeing, or face branding
  • No antibiotics for growth promotion or prophylactic use
  • No hormones (cattle)
  • Stunning before conscious shackling and slaughter

Whole30 Approved products containing animal protein will automatically meet our qualifications if they are certified as:

  • Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 1 or higher
  • Certified Humane
  • Animal Welfare Approved

ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart

Whole30 recognizes the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program as a means to help consumers find animal-welfare-certified meat, dairy, and egg products, as well as plant-based alternatives. Several Whole30 Approved partners are already recognized on the ASPCA Shop With Your Heart distinguished brand list.

Updates to Our Animal Welfare Guidelines

Updates to Our Animal Welfare Guidelines

To keep pace with advancements and knowledge of animal welfare science, industry best practice, and consumer expectation; and to ensure comprehensive animal welfare assurances are realized in the Whole30 Approved program, Whole30’s animal welfare standards will be periodically revisited.

Thank you for your support as we do our part to improve our food system for all. For inquiries regarding our animal welfare standards please email [email protected].