“I began to truly understand what it means to appropriately fuel my body: Tracey’s Story”

Lenexa, Kansas

Dear Whole30…

It’s been quite a journey! Some ups, some downs, and everything in between. I never thought I needed you and I surely didn’t expect to be introduced to you by way of a group. I typically don’t operate that way.

Sure, I’ve heard of you but nothing memorable, just a lot of restrictions … After almost a year of unbridled eating and exercise due to life in quarantine, I was left looking for some minor personal improvements. You were an option among others but, you found me … so I took you up on your offer to adjust my current trajectory.

After my first real introduction, I was convinced that you weren’t to be taken lightly. At that moment I knew you’d require some physical and mental preparation. I followed your guidelines and began this journey. It was fun, exciting, and allowed me to be quite creative! Piece of cake, I thought.

A few days passed and I was beginning to question my decision, as I was in a mental and physical battle with my body. Thankfully, you provided me with the support of a group! As the days passed, I began to feel more and more in complete control and it was so very empowering. My energy levels made me feel like I’d hopped into another body, my better body, and I loved it. My meals and the structure of my plates came together so easily. I was beginning to wonder what my life could and would be like if I continued to ride this wave because I definitely didn’t want to get off. The mental clarity felt unmatched. My clothes felt all-around better, and I did not absolutely hate trying on clothes anymore.

More importantly, and above all was my emotional relationship with food. I began to truly listen and understand what it means to appropriately fuel my body. If I removed all the “food noise” by way of preservatives, additives, alcohol, grains and dairy then I could hear what made it thrive. It told me instead of me forcing it to operate under poor conditions and expecting it to perform at an optimal level. As more days went passed, I knew the snippet of my journey would have to come to an end … or did it? Can I do this on my own unaccounted for? Yes, I can, and my body has already given me all the confirmation that I need. Thank you Whole30, forever indebted…