Whole30 Success Story: Jenna and von Willebrand’s Disease

While so much of the mainstream media coverage of the Whole30 is focused on the weight loss benefits of the program, stories like this are what the Whole30 is really about. Jenna has an inherited bleeding disorder which tremendously impacted her quality of life. Thanks to the Whole30, her life is […]


Whole30® and Anxiety: AJ’s Story

We found AJ’s story on Instagram, while browsing the #Whole30 hashtag. She wrote, “When I started the Whole30, I honestly was mostly looking for a way to lose a few pounds/inches before my wedding this summer. After reading It Starts With Food, I realized it is about so much more […]


The Whole30® > The Scale: Hilarie’s Story

We first read Hilarie’s story while simultaneously planning our #IAMWHOLE30 Instagram campaign and fielding a ton of interview requests from mainstream media, all of whom were asking about the Whole30 weight loss benefits. Her tale was a breath of fresh air, music to our ears… because the scale played absolutely zero role […]


Whole30 Success Story: Pastor Frank

In early January 2014, we came across a photo on Instagram posted by Sarah-Marie. There is little we love more than someone turning their parents onto the Whole30, and supporting them in their journey. We reached out to Sarah-Marie, who explained further, “My father is starting his Whole30 after me talking […]


Significant Weight Loss on the Whole30®

Since the inception of our Whole30® program in April 2009, we’ve made one thing abundantly clear: This is not a weight loss program. It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, and it’s certainly not a “17 Day Get Skinnier Than Your Friends” kind of approach. But that doesn’t mean we […]


The Whole30® and Psoriasis: Karen R’s Story

Karen’s story (first published on her blog, Beautifully Simple) about her battle with psoriasis (an autoimmune condition) showcases the power of food to change your life–but also the fact that food isn’t everything. Lifestyle factors like stress and sleep and other environmental factors like skin care products all play into […]


Emilie and Shayna Do the Whole30® (While Living In a Camper)

Nearly a year ago, Emilie and her friend Shayna left their homes in San Diego and set out on a year-long road-trip documentary project in a 1978 Toyota Odyssey mini camper. They tried to be healthy, but any way you shake it, life on the road catches up to you. In October […]

Allison S Success Story Header

Whole30® Success Story: Allison S.

Allison contacted us via email about her Whole30® experience. It’s a fantastic story–the kind that some of you will use as your own jumping-off point to make change. A 92-year-old man inspired her, and she will inspire you, and who knows who YOU will inspire? This is how change happens, friends. […]


Whole30 Success Story: Janet W. and Chronic Urticaria (Hives)

We’ve heard more than a few Whole30 succes stories that stop us in our tracks: Jessica O,Summer W, Brian M. But today, Janet’s photos are what stopped us cold—you have to see them to really understand the horror she was going through while suffering from this condition for more than seven long […]

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Jane C.’s Whole30® Success Story

We received this wonderful testimonial from Jane C. and couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Not only because the girl is so eloquent and funny, or because she has mad style, but because we’re sure that, if you’re a member of Generation Next (18-25 year olds), her story could be your story. […]