Avoid EPS! Free Whole30® Meal Plans From Around the Web

We often say that planning and preparation are key to Whole30 success. That means choosing the right time to do the program, cleaning out your kitchen, making (or downloading) a detailed shopping list and, perhaps for you uber-planners, creating a meal plan.

For those with busy schedules, less experience in the kitchen, or Type A’s who need to have A Plan, sitting down and planning out your meals a few days (or weeks) at a time is essentialto rocking your Whole30.  In fact, 76% (a probably-true statistic) of Whole30 failures can be blamed directly on Empty Plate Syndrome–that overwhelming feeling that comes upon you when you look at your empty dinner plate, realizing you’re hungry, you’re cranky, and you have nothing planned for dinner.

Don’t fall prey to EPS! Take action now!  Use these Whole30 compliant meal plans and ideas to guide you on your path to meal-planning greatness and Whole30 success.

These meal plans contain both recipes original to the author and recipes gathered from around the web. Whenever a non-original recipe is used, proper attribution is given.

Our Favorite Game Plan

The Clothes Make the Girl – Melissa Joulwan has saved many a Whole30 with her amazing recipes, Well Fed cookbook, and time-saving kitchen tips. This time, however, she’s gone all-out to make your next Whole30 a smashing success. Witness her Whole30 One-Week Meal Plan: if you don’t like to be told what to eat when, this is right up your alley!  Melissa shows you how to prep a week’s-worth of individual pieces so you can have whatever you want whenever you want. Genius!

If you want a full 28-day plan, check out her week-by-week mealtime play-by-play here: Week One; Week Two; and Week Three; Week Four is up to you! (But don’t worry, she’s taught you well and you’re more than equipped at this point.)

The Whole(30) Shebang

Nom Nom Paleo Michelle Tam is a paleo OG, highly respected blog maven, and new cookbook author who documented every single meal of not ONE but TWO Whole30s.  Some of her recipes take planning and preparation (embrace those words!), but they are always worth the effort.

Whole Family StrongThis 30 day meal plan comes from Jacque who, with her husband Brandon, has led their entire family (including type 1 diabetic son Jeremiah) through a major lifestyle overhaul in the name of health, happiness and stable blood sugars.  You can look at the month in at-a-glance style, and then click through to each week for links to the individual recipes.  Note: The Apple Bumpkin Breakfast Bake recipe is a little fruit-heavy for first thing in the morning.  If you’re fighting the Sugar Dragon, perhaps this fruity fritatta is best left off your plate for now.

Meatified – This former-vegetarian-turned-Whole30-afficianado has put together 30 days of Whole30-compliant breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Not all of them follow our meal planning template to the letter, but there are still more recipes on this site alone than you realistically need during your program.

Get This Party Started

Whole Life Eating Whole9 Envoy Tom Denham created a website with more than 400 delicious recipes… and every single one of them is Whole30-compliant. Every. Single. One. Need even more help than that? Check out Tom’s 7-day meal plan (and his Six Planks of Whole30 Meal Planning). Your mileage may vary, but even if you don’t want to eat that many eggs or can’t do fermented foods, Tom’s meal plan will get you through the bulk of your first week effortlessly.

Holly Would If She Could – Holly’s a Whole30 vet who found that she could handle breakfasts and lunches on the fly (though she had a general game plan in mind), but who implemented some mad planning skills to make sure that EPS  never struck her household.

Fast Freeze!

Stuff I Make My Husband – Erica’s meal plan is great for anyone who wants to have a stash of frozen meals on hand.  The plan makes three breakfasts, three lunches, and eight dinners for two, but each recipe makes two meals worth. More bang for your buck, yay!

Inspire Me

Living, Laughing & LosingThis recap from Kim gives you a bird’s eye view of each day’s meals and the option to click through to every day’s blog post for the details. There aren’t complete recipes with each meal, but she gives you plenty to go on – add your own flare to her template.

Pin It!

Stupid Easy Paleo – Check out this completely compliant Whole30 Pinterest board from Whole9 Envoy Stephanie Gaudreau. She’s got 119 pins of stupid easy awesomesauce–and not a muffin, cookie, or pancake to be found.

Be a Stalker

Chowstalker – Keep an eye on this recipe sharing site as they debut their new look this week.  There’s an entire category of Whole30 Approved recipes submitted by folks just like you. Note: While the Whole9 team does our best to vet these recipes, they are user-identified as “Whole30,” and we can’t always keep up with submissions.  Read each recipe carefully to ensure Whole30 compliance–this is good practice for you!

Know of another awesome (and 100% Whole30 compliant) meal plan? (It doesn’t have to be a full 30 days, either!) Share it with us in comments, and we’ll keep this post updated.

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    Whole Family Strong has a recipe with chorizo posted. I wanted to clarify if chorizo was allowed as it may have sugar (or some other non-compliant Whole30 ingredient) in its contents. Thanks!

  3. Kat M B says

    I’m going to start a website for those on the low-histamine version of the diet. There’s NOTHING out there for us! ACK!!!

    I’ll keep you posted as to when it’s up and running. The only thing I need are recipes, which I’ll be working on now before I start.

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    Lena –

    We’ve seen many vegetarians succeed with the Whole30 framework. We recommend including as many animal protein sources as you’re comfortable with, and (unless you’re very active or athletic) aiming for the lower end of our protein recommendations. Those who want to participate, but have chosen a completely vegan lifestyle can choose to bring in some legumes and soy as supplemental proteins. However, those folks may see fewer benefits than those who choose to go the route of an omnivore, simply because the protein sources left include many of the foods we believe make you less healthy (soy, dairy). We’d encourage you to read more about this in the section for Vegetarians and Vegans in The Whole30, which releases a week from today! Find more info at http://www.whole30.com/whole30book

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