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Andy McIntosh (he/him) is a flight attendant and recipe developer who shares Jamaican and Caribbean dishes as well as travel tips across his social media channel, TriangleTravelingCaveman. He moved from Jamaica just before he turned 15 and has lived in many major US cities including NYC, Phoenix, Houston and Chicago. His grandfather was a butcher, while his grandmother and mother taught him everything he knows about cooking.Andy has a passion and love for sharing recipes that are as traditional as you can get – but with Whole30 compatible ingredients. His goal is to show that doing a Whole30 doesn’t mean giving up Jamaican and Caribbean food.
Whole30 Loaded Plantain Fries Blog Hero

Whole30 Loaded Plantain Fries

These Whole30 Loaded Plantain Fries are about to become your new favorite summer recipe! This dish comes together in no time and is perfect for any meal or gathering as an appetizer. It’s sure to bring a Caribbean vibe. What are plantains? Plantain is a cultivar of bananas, sometimes referred...Topped with carnitas, slaw, quick-pickled onions and jerk aioli, these Whole30 Loaded Plantain Fries bring flavor like no other.
Plant-Based Plantain and Bean Curry

Plantain and Bean Curry

This plantain and bean curry is a hearty one-pot dish that is filling and sure to be a winner at the dinner table. With flavors of curry and coconut milk, it’s great for meal prep and is a quick dinner idea for weeknights when you have no time. What are...With flavors of curry and coconut milk, this Plantain and Bean Curry is a hearty one-pot dish great for meal prep and or a quick dinner.
Plant-Based Whole30 Jerk Jackfruit Tacos

Jerk Jackfruit Tacos

These jerk-seasoned jackfruit tacos boast big flavor. Paired with a perfectly balanced slaw, it is sure to transport your taste buds to the Caribbean. What is Jackfruit? Jackfruit comes from a tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family. Its origins can be traced back to the Western Ghats of...Paired with a simple slaw, these Jerk-Seasoned Jackfruit Tacos boast big flavor — in little time. Transport your taste buds to the Caribbean!
Plant-Based Caribbean Power Bowl

Plant-Based Caribbean Power Bowl

This Plant-Based Caribbean Power Bowl is the perfect dish for those needing a high-protein meal. It has flavors from all over the Caribbean and is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight meal.  If you love Carribean food and also love Chipotle, then you are going to absolutely love this...With flavors of jerk, cilantro, and lime, this Plant-Based Caribbean Power Bowl is the perfect easy-to-make, high-protein meal.
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