Amanda B.


I am mentally healthier, happier, and more motivated.

The Whole30 program has improved my life in so many ways. I have tried many diet plans in the past. I was on the Keto diet for a year and found success in achieving my weight goals- but not much else. When I realized that the diet was no longer serving my needs, I felt confused about nutrition and refocused all my energy on my work in the gym. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the health benefits of my time in the gym were being sabotaged by my eating habits.

When I discovered Whole30, I was excited. I bought the Whole30 book and fine-combed the website for details and resources. After learning the simple science, I was committed. I started the following Monday. Throughout the process, I discovered so many amazing things about the program- and myself! Up until then I couldn’t tell you how to scramble an egg. But surprisingly, I immediately fell in love with cooking. I would meal prep my week, and actually looked forward to cooking three meals a day. I stacked up on a few cookbooks- The Whole30, Whole30 Family and Friends, The Defined Dish, and The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook- and tried something new almost everyday. It has brought me so much joy to create these healthy dishes that are so tasty. Since then, I’ve become the friend and family member that is asked to make dishes at family meals and events (when in the past I am grabbing brownie bites and chips from the market on the way over!). I’ve become more knowledgeable about food, nutrition, and cooking, and have discovered a new passion in my life.

Even more life-changing than my new passion for cooking is that during my Whole30, I slept great EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This has never happened to me before! My energy is high when I wake up and stays high throughout the entire day. This great sleep and high energy changed my life. During my Whole30, I found so much support and comfort in creating and maintaining a daily routine. I am waking up earlier than ever before, hitting the gym, making my breakfast (while listening to Melissa’s podcast, DO THE THING), take my COLD shower, and getting into the office by 9AM, and still feeling refreshed and motivated. My morning routine has become my favorite time of the day, and I go to bed excited because I know it is only a sleep away! This tiny, but huge, change makes me feel so in control of my day, my physical health, my fitness, and my overall mental health. My entire lifestyle has changed well after I completed the Whole30.

Lastly, this program made it very clear that dairy and gluten are no good for me. After I read, Food Freedom Forever, I learned how to effectively reintroduce the things I love back into my diet. I learned my triggers, and felt so incredibly bad the first time I ate these things. For me, some of the foods that I thought I’ve missed are just not worth the physical and mental discomfort. Plus, I found my energy had changed, and I just wasn’t as focused. I treat myself when it’s important, but I am more mentally prepared for the food hangover. I prioritize my health, and would rather continue to feel amazing then feel groggy and uncomfortable after eating foods that don’t work for my body.

Overall, Whole30 has made me feel incredible physically. It changed my lifestyle in ways that are even bigger than whats on my plate. I’ve discovered new passions, learned a lot about myself, and feel SO strong inside and out. I am mentally healthier, happier, and more motivated to create the life that I’ve always wanted. Who knew veggies and homemade mayo could change your life?