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Wearing my uniform for the first time in six years with pride is the ultimate non-scale victory.

As a veteran I have put off ordering my Army Dress Uniform for years, but Whole30 gave me my confidence back. Late last year, I knew I needed to make some changes. I set a New Year’s resolution to feel better and regain control of my nutrition.


I’m thankful for this journey towards better health. After two Whole30s my allergies are nearly gone, my old confidence is BACK and I feel great. I’ve even lost weight. After I finished my first Whole30 in January I ordered my uniform and recently had it fitted.

Thank you to Melissa Urban and Whole30 for this approach to health, and a special thanks to my coach Kim Sandman. When I decided to commit to the Whole30 I was excited for the journey ahead, but I knew that I needed to build a network of people who could support me along the way.

Working with Kim as my coach was amazing. She was a great resource for helpful tips, recipes, and advice, and she knew exactly how to motivate and challenge me along the way. Kim made a huge impact in my success! I am grateful for all of the support she provided during this journey.

I will be marching in a parade with my Father-in-law who is battling cancer. To me, wearing the uniform for the first time in six years with pride is the ultimate non-scale victory. Here’s to living into My Food Freedom. – Lorne H.

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