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Westchester, NY

Hola! My husband John and I did our second Whole30 on September with our Whole30 Certified Coach Mia Reyes. We did our first Whole30 in April and before we finished we knew we’d be doing a second one before our October wedding.

Whole30 completely changed the way we eat and our relationship with food. After our first Whole30, we maintained our healthy habits and felt no guilt when we did indulge because we were confident and willing to reset if necessary. For our second Whole30, Mia sent us a copy of Food Freedom Forever, which gave us even more tools to plan for life after Whole30.

Mia’s coaching kept us motivated, held us accountable, and gave us access to so many resources. Her September Whole30 Coaching group provided us with a support network and safe zone where we could share our wins, failures, questions, and thoughts to get through it together.

It’s a great bonus that Mia is also Dominican and helped me learn which cultural dishes were already compatible or how to make our favorites Whole30 compatible and still be able to connect to our roots. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to convince my mom to do a Whole30 with me!

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